Hey man, nice shot: Junior dos Santos crushes Fabricio Werdum at UFC 90


The sweet science gets displayed yet again.

In the second edition of "Hey Man, Nice Shot" we travel back to October 25, 2008, for the Octagon debut of Junior dos Santos at UFC 90: "Silva vs. Cote" against world champion jiu-jitsu ace Fabricio Werdum.

As we inch closer to "Cigano's" main event against Shane Carwin at UFC 131 on June 11 in Vancouver, we'll take a closer look at his bone-crunching introduction to fight fans worldwide when he sent "Vai Cavalo" straight to the canvas -- and straight out of the UFC altogether.

If he can repeat that performance against "The Engineer," he will earn himself a title shot against reigning division champion Cain Velasquez later this year.

Are you ready? Let's get it on!


UFC 90 was probably remembered most by a single action where fist met chin in a non-main event fight between two UFC heavyweights at very different points in their careers.

Fabricio Werdum was coming off back-to-back stoppages of fellow Brazilian Gabriel Gonzaga and undersized heavyweight Brandon Vera. Riding a 2-1 record early in his UFC tenure, Werdum appeared to have found traction in the ranks after his first loss in lackluster form to Andrei Arlovski.

How would Werdum fare against a then-unknown heavy hitter?

The most certain way to make headway in the UFC when debuting is to get on the main card and take a name by force. Dos Santos was the underdog heading into his Brazilian showdown but he left with a highlight reel moment that still sends shivers down fan's spines.

When a pure knockout artist enters the Octagon it only takes one punch and very little time. Prior to his Zuffa debut, Dos Santos had four TKO stoppages and he felt it was customary to treat all guests of his with flying fists.

The feeling-out process lasted all of 1:20 and the entire audience thought it may have witnessed the first death inside the cage.


As you can see, the perfect storm brewed as torque, power and technique eclipsed the conscious state of Werdum and sent him to a nearby hospital for further evaluation.

Dos Santos maintains complete eye-to-eye contact with Werdum which doesn't give away him dropping levels with his shoulders. This also gives the appearance of a straight right coming instead of an uppercut.

Werdum does everything right .. if a straight right was actually coming.

As "Vai Cavalo" changes levels, he realizes that he is about to eat an uppercut and gets lazy on the overhand right to regain his blocking composure but his fate is already signed, sealed and delivered.


It is all elementary at that point as Werdum collapses likes like a building being imploded and the after-shots from side control don't render any changes. As soon as Dos Santos' fist touched Werdum's chin it was over and Elvis had left the building.

In the next edition of "Hey Man, nice shot" we revisit the day Shane Carwin engineered his way from pretender to heavyweight contender.

So Maniac's how do you react or feel about this page in Dos Santos' assassination list?

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