'Hey man, nice shot': Shane Carwin commits a 'sin' against a Christian

 15 Knockouts/Techinical Knockouts.

Thats how many UFC 131 main eventers Shane Carwin and Junior Dos Santos have combined for in only 26 matches total.

Hands of steel.

Follow me as re-trace three of the most devastating punches from two of the best strikers in the heavyweight divisionand in MMA overall. On Saturday, June 11th, 2011 at UFC 131 we see these behemoths collide to see who will face the returning UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez.

Let's go back to UFC 84: iLL WILL

The UFC once again invaded it's home turf of Las Vegas, Nevada and the preliminary action started off with a 44 second firework display. Hours before UFC lightweight champion BJ Penn beat the living day lights out of Sean Sherk in the main event, a new star was born in heavyweight Shane Carwin.

Carwin,like most hot products was riding an undefeated streak which was a staggering 8-0. He was literally taking heads off with his explosive Right hand that could seem to flatten victims when thrown a mere inch or two away. The star to be was also an engineer for a small town's watering supply so the stress levels of debuting in the biggest stage oif MMA seemed to never be a problem.

The night started and the lucky fans in attendance may have thought they were at a baseball game because they would be playing catch.

Carwin and Wellisch started slowly and circled around one another, being respectful of each other. It seemed as if Carwin grew sick of respect and decided to hit a homerun



At the :44 second mark of round Shane Carwin used a jab to break down Wellisch's hands. Wellisch threw a lazy jab back which fell below Carwin's right arm. Carwin uses his torque to tee off with a beautiful straight right which knocks Wellischout cold and his mouth piece into the air like a pinata had exploded.

Shane Carwin was now a very impressive 9-0 and just drew blood in the deep ocean of heavyweight sharks. A relative unknown who had beaten up fat and talentless tough guys on his way up had now made a name that would sure start talks.

The fight was so short and the knockout so devastating that it got featured after the Wilson Gouveia and Goran Reijic fight on the main card.

Can Shane Carwin continue his dominance against the smooth combo throwing of Junior Dos Santos or will Dos Santos use those combos to allude the power of Carwin and regain his number one contender status?

In the next issue of 'hey man, nice shot' we go to UFC 90 when Dos Santos made his debut knocking out the 'Emelianenko Killer'.

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