TUF 13 Finale: Anthony Pettis has 'no problem' taking another non-title fight if he beats Clay Guida

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Timing is everything.

No one knows this better than Anthony Pettis. You know, that guy who ran up the cage and kicked Ben Henderson in the face at WEC 53 last December in the final fight of the final show in that promotion's history.

They call him "Showtime" because he's made a living off insanely athletic feats such as that and done so on a consistent basis at exactly the right times.

He was given unbelievable exposure for his "Showtime off-the-wall Kick," even making it on ESPN's "Sportscenter" Top 10 plays list. All of that combined to not only earn him a lightweight championship but a title shot upon his arrival with the world's largest fight promotion. 

That's because he won the 155-pound strap with WEC less than a month away from its merger with UFC. He was all set to challenge the winner of the Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard fight at UFC 125.

Then, fate.

Edgar and Maynard battled to a five-round draw, effectively stalling out the title picture, as it made too much sense to book an immediate rematch.

That was okay with Pettis, though, who wasted no time accepting a fight booking against a tough Clay Guida this Saturday at The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 13 Finale on Spike TV.

And then it got worse, with Edgar and Maynard both suffering injuries just a couple weeks out of their planned rematch to finally settle their differences once and for all and bring peace to the lightweight title picture.

With no timetable set in stone for their next fight, what does that leave for Pettis, who has done nothing but the right thing the whole way through? According to Dana White, it means he might have to take yet another fight before he gets the title shot he was promised and that's if he can get past the always game Guida.

"Showtime," tell us how you feel about this (via MMAWeekly):

"If I'm healthy and I come out of this fight victorious and I'm healthy with no problems at all, then I'll take another fight, man, no problem with it. I know Dana (White) had the interview and said I might have to take another fight (and) I have no problem with that."

Talk about a dream employee.

Pettis wasn't screwed in any sense of the word throughout this situation. He was simply a victim of bad timing, ironic because he had always had it on his side throughout his career.

Of course, his calendar will have to match up with another top lightweight contender in order to get him that second bout, if necessary, to push him to the title shot he was always supposed to have.

Who matches up?

For more from Pettis as he prepares to take on Guida this Saturday, June 11, 2011, click here.

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