Nate Marquardt announcement on failed medical exam, UFC release expected today at 1 pm ET


Why was Nate Marquardt hastily released from the UFC after failing his pre-fight medical exam on the eve of UFC on Versus 4 last weekend in Pittsburgh?

And why was promotion president Dana White "disgusted" by what transpired?

Those questions were answered earlier today (June 28) when the former middleweight number one contender broke his silence on The MMA Hour over his messy break-up with the UFC.

What happened, when it happened and why it happened, after the jump.

Nostradumbass here. Nate's in the house. Okay, here we go.

--Nate Marquardt is on the MMA Hour with his manager Lex McMahon. He was not medically cleared to fight at UFC on Versus 4 after failing a pre-fight blood test resulting from his Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).

--He began treatment using the "therapeutic use exemption" in his fight against Dan Miller at UFC 128 in New Jersey after his primary physician diagnosed him with low testosterone in August of 2010.

--Nate was advised by his doctor to pursue a new, "more aggressive therapy" three weeks out from his fight against Rick Story. He took a blood test two weeks out from the fight and the levels came back too high. His doctor then told him to get off the treatment.

--McMahon notes Nate came off treatment as soon as he was advised to.

--Marquardt admits he "made a mistake" by not requesting an earlier blood test to check his levels. The test he took on the day of the UFC on Versus 4 weigh ins (June 25) was above the allowed limit by the Pennsylvania Athletic Commission (PAC).

--McMahon asserts Nate was not hiding anything and in constant communication with the UFC and was "caught in a difficult situation" due to the time constraints.

--Marquardt says his blood levels have returned to normal and expects to have his suspension lifted after a board meeting with the PAC later this week. He still does not have an answer as to why he suffers from low testosterone and McMahon interjects that it's not Nate's responsibility to know, it's the doctor's.

--An emotional Nate says he will take responsibility for "messing up" the UFC on Versus 4 main event.

--McMahon calls Marquardt a great man and a great fighter. Nate says he would never knowingly jeopardize his ability to provide for his family.

--Marquardt refers to the banned substance he was using in 2005 (Andro) that caused his previous suspension with the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) and hopes the "several years" he took the then-over the counter supplement is not to blame for his low testosterone.

--Nate says he was on TRT for his fight against Yushin Okami (UFC 122) and Rousimar Palhares (UFC Fight Night 22) with no issues but his levels were too high for this fight.

--Marquardt cannot reveal the levels of his blood on the day he failed his test until his suspension is lifted with the PAC. McMahon asserts Nate's blood levels were within range on the day of the fight.

--McMahon says they have nothing to hide.

--Marquardt took the TRT in pill form but switched to injections prior to the Story fight. It boosted function in his pituitary gland and testicles.

--McMahon says they are already seeking out a specialist to help with his low testosterone.

--Marquardt says the weight cut had nothing to do with his decision to resume TRT but believes it could have altered his blood levels, causing the levels to be elevated on the day of the weigh ins (blood "concentration") and significantly decreased the very next day.

--Nate talked to Dana after the shit hit the fan and while it wasn't said right away, he had the feeling he was done. Says he knew he messed up and that it was "real bad." McMahon says they didn't know Nate was fired until he saw it on Twitter.

--Marquardt still wants to fight at 170 and will not yet commit to fighting for another promotion. Wants to "let the dust settle." Calls it a "nightmare" but trusts his faith in God and is grateful for the support from his wife. Hints at trying to get back into the UFC at some point down the road.

--McMahon said they were tight-lipped over the situation to protect Marquardt and were hiding nothing.

--Nate gives one last emotional apology to his family and fans for "letting them down." Says he's "trying his best" and seeks forgiveness.

That's a wrap, Maniacs.

So there you have it. Now it's time to dissect this information and move forward. How about it Maniacs, did the punishment fit the crime? What's your take on this new information?

The floor is yours.

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