Unnatural Numbers: A look at Randy Couture


Props: UFC Magazine

Randy Couture's lifetime stats don't lie, Captain America was a beast in the octagon. Lets take a look at some of the numbers.

Fight Record:  19-11-0.  7 KO/TKO's, 4 Submissions, 8 Decisions. Randy Couture held a UFC title on 5 different occasions, twice as a light heavyweight and three times as a heavyweight. He won his final belt from Tim Sylvia at UFC 68. BJ Penn is the only other fighter to hold a title in two divisions.

Fight Time- 4 Hours 41 minutes and 50 seconds. Couture nearly spent 5 full hours in the octagon, the most in UFC history

The Naturals Best- Couture turned in his most dominant performance at UFC 44 when he beat Tito Ortiz and captured his first light heavyweight title. The Natural landed 88 significant strikes to Ortiz's 16. Couture also scored eight takedowns and passed guard to mount or back control a total of nine times.

Golden Age: Couture contested his final match in the Octagon at UFC 129 at the age of 47 in front of 55,000 fans. He is the second oldest fighter to compete in the octagon. Ron van Clief was 51 when he fought Royce Gracie at UFC 4.

Octagon Visits - Couture has 24 total fights in the octagon. He is tied with Matt Hughes for the most in UFC history.

Angle of Attack- 27% Strikes landed from a distance. 30% Strikes landed from the clinch. 43% strikes landed on the ground. There were better places to be than on the mat with Couture. He landed the second- most strikes on the ground in UFC history second only to St-Pierre.

Total Strikes Landed- 778. The Natural's 778 total strikes landed is second only to Georges St-Pierre all time in the UFC.

What will be your greatest memory of Randy "The Natural" Couture? Were you impressed with Couture's career?

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