Nate Marquardt cut from UFC press conference live updates from Pennsylvania Athletic Commission today (June 26)


We know Nate Marquardt failed his medicals and was forced out of his fight against Rick Story, which was scheduled to headline tonight's (June 26) UFC on Versus 4 broadcast in Pittsburgh. He was then released from the UFC.

That's about all we know, however.

The good news is the Pennsylvania Athletic Commission (PAC) is holding a press conference today at 4 p.m. ET to, hopefully, clear up some of the confusion.

The bad news is that details will likely remain sparse and an in-depth explanation is not expected to be given. There has been speculation that a potential suspension for Marquardt is coming but it's just that -- speculation.

For his part, Nate took to Twitter today to apologize to his fans and the UFC:

"I'm sorry to all my fans and the UFC for not passing the medicals for tonight's fight. I'm heart broken I couldn't fight, but I will b back."

After the jump, we'll have live updates of the press conference held at the Consol Energy Center, where Gregory Sirb will address the media on the situation.

So as to give an update in some capacity, I should say that no updates have been given as of yet. Sorry for the wait but everyone appears to be as tight-lipped on this situation as can possibly be.

We'll let you know just as soon the news starts rolling in.

UPDATE: Finally, from Ariel Helwani:

Nate failed the medical requirements for the fight and was put on suspension by the PA athletic commission until he provides a medical ... report showing that he's satisfied those requirements. He was given every opportunity to meet the requirements ... up until Saturday at 3 pm. The Athletic commission is not free to disclose what requirements he failed to meet. The suspension is indefinite. As soon as Marquardt can provide what they are looking for, he will not be suspended anymore. ... Of course, I tried to ask multiple times why he failed the test, but Sirb said that was all he was going to discuss and the rest is up to NM.

UPDATE: Marquardt himself tweeted the following:

"To my loyal fans please show your love & support for me by watching tonight's UFC Card on Versus."

UPDATE: More updates coming in, this time from MMAWeekly, who gets it straight from Sirb's mouth:

"Nate has known for probably about a month and a half, he knew the situation, it was no surprise. Everybody (including the UFC) knew. Everybody's known, I think everybody assumed he was going to be able to qualify. I thought he would (qualify), I really did. We've known about it and we gave him every opportunity, the last report we got was 3 o'clock yesterday, we gave him as much leeway as we could, obviously we've got a live event, you've got to make the call. The UFC made the call when we said no he's not going to meet it. Pretty straight forward stuff. He had to meet these requirements and there were no and, if or buts about it and unfortunately he did not. We can't say anything, this state is real tight on those types of laws, HIPPA laws are very strict. If Nate's here, I don't know if he's here or not, he's free to talk."

There you have it, folks. Maybe that's why he was cut from the promotion? Because this has been a known issue for weeks and it still wasn't taken care of, leaving UFC in the lurch the day before its event goes down.

In a main event fight, no less.

Thoughts on this?

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