Stomp and circumstance: Shogun Rua calls for change to unified rules of MMA

"Kicking a guy when he's down" is an expression that carries a negative connotation here in North America. In the old days of Japanese competition under the PRIDE banner, it was just another way to get the job done.

Stomp the yard.

That may explain why former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Mauricio Rua, who terrorized the "Land of the Rising Sun" for nearly four years, is calling for the return of stomps to mixed martial arts (via

"I hope for a change in rules. The stomps... my opinion is elbows are more dangerous than stomps."

Not coincidentally, "Shogun" has five technical knockout finishes by way of stomp or soccer kick.

While stomping a mudhole in someone's keister may not require a high level of technical prowess, it certainly goes a long way towards preventing fighters from getting a little too comfortable on the ground.

And Rua may have an unlikely ally in veteran referee Steve Mazzagatti, who shared this little nugget during our conversation back in 2007: 

"Oh man, I'm old school so I love to see it. It forces fighters to find new ways to defend themselves. It's easier to have a good ground game when you don't have to worry about a guy like Wanderlei (Silva) kicking you into the seats. Heck, I say let ‘em do whatever they want, they can even bring back groin shots. Every offense has a corresponding defense and it makes for an exciting fight."

A lot of fans are opposed to stomps, just as a lot of fans are opposed to elbows on the ground. The difference is stomps are currently outlawed and elbows aren't.

Is this a ruling you agree with?

Let's hear your opinion in the comments section below.

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