Paul Daley disappointed his sucker punch didn't knockout Josh Koscheck

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When Albert Pujols comes to bat, you expect a 450-foot home run, not a little dribbler up the third base line.

With that in mind, it's not difficult to appreciate Paul Daley's disappointment that he came up pillow-fisted for his big chance at one clean shot on Josh Koscheck at the conclusion of their May 2010 bout at UFC 113.

Daley, of course, received a "lifetime ban" from UFC President Dana White after he clocked the AKA wrestler with a cheap shot following a "Kos" wrestle-fest that sent the British banger to a frustrating unanimous decision loss in Montreal.

The punishment did little to deter Daley -- who went on to capture four straight wins in various regional and international promotions before getting stopped at the hands of Nick Diaz in their Strikeforce welterweight title fight back in April.

And "Semtex" tells ESPN even he thinks he could have done a better job against the unsuspecting Kosckeck:

"[The punch ] is a bit hard to comment on... but I would have thought I could have thrown a better punch and knock him out, given that Koscheck wasn't expecting it! [The Ultimate Fighter] would be good! That would be very interesting. Would Dana White let it happen? I doubt it. I don't mind TV, I don't mind going up against Koscheck. My season would definitely be interesting because I say things how they are. I don't play up for the cameras. It would be funny."

While a TUF season with Daley vs. Koscheck would be wildly entertaining, he has some unfinished business to take care of next month.

That's because Daley has been paired off with Evangelista Santos for a main card scrap on the Strikeforce: "Fedor vs. Henderson" card on July 30 in Chicago.

Like "Semtex," Santos was last seen losing to Nick Diaz. The Chute Box product went toe-to-toe with the then champion (and held his own) before succumbing to a second-round armbar.

No such worries here.

Strikeforce on July 30 will feature a a mega match-up pitting legendary Russian heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko taking on Light Heavyweight Champion Dan Henderson.

Stay tuned to for more on this still-developing fight card.

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