UFC 131 results: Shane Carwin suffers broken nose and possible fractured cheek bone in loss to Junior dos Santos

Photo by Rod Mar via ESPN

Shane Carwin showed the heart of a warrior and the grit and determination of a champion last night during his loss to Junior dos Santos at UFC 131 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

You know what it got him? A busted up face.

Ingrained Media, his management team, took to Twitter last night to give updates on "The Engineer's" condition after three rounds in the Octagon against "Cigano" and it's not good:

"Three deep cuts ... Update for #CarwinArmy @ShaneCarwin has a broken nose and possibly a fractured check bone. CT scan was fine. Thanks for the positivity."

This comes as no surprise, considering Carwin's pizza face after dos Santos' brutal assault in the first round.

After his release from the hospital and subsequent trip home, Carwin wrote up a blog post on his site to detail his perspective on the fight. Here's an excerpt:

As the fight started I just did not feel like myself, I wasn't able to get my feet moving and Junior capitalized quickly. As he was pummeling me I kept trying to find a way to defend myself so Herb would not stop the fight. Junior was landing solid shots and that is where probably he broke my nose.

From that point on the rest of the fight was essentially Junior executing his game plan. His jab was extremely effective and he used the jab to set the pace of the fight.

The end of the fight was pretty much a blur. Junior was a better fighter than I was last night. His boxing was better and he used his boxing to take me out of the fight. I have nothing but respect for Junior and his camp. He deserves the title shot.

After the second round I knew I was in trouble. My nose made it impossible to breathe, my eyes were full of blood and Junior was still coming at me. When the ref stopped the fight in the third, I thought it was over. When the doctor came in the octagon I knew it was going to be up to me to sell them on letting me continue. I knew I was in deep trouble but I also knew that all I needed was one clean shot. I wanted to keep myself in the fight. I wasn't able to see but I said I could and we continued.

When the final bell rang there was no question in my mind who won the fight. I was pretty out of it and needed some medical care.

The rest of the post goes on to detail what happened directly after the fight and his journey back home. You can read the rest by clicking here.

If nothing else, I don't think anyone will question the size of Carwin's grapefruits going forward.

No word on how long the former title contender will be out but we'll pass that information along just as soon as it becomes available.

For complete UFC 131 results and blow-by-blow coverage of the main card action click here and here.

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