Mania Money Pool 4: UFC 131 Results

Just Two_Good.

The UFC rolled into Van City last night with a less-than-stellar card on paper, but proved you can't always judge a book by its cover.  The talent pool is deep and you can't underestimate anyone, even the rookies.  The UFC scouts the world, just like any other major sport, and recruits guys like Jason Young, who can step in and compete against the top of the division.  Overall, it was a great card, but then again I might be just a little biased :)

This Oldboy is coming for revenge, and I'm bringing my trusted hammer.   

[tap on shoulder]  "Agar, like I said before, you're sitting in my seat!  Get the fuck out lurker!"


How'd I Do It?  I went 11 for 12 last night, grabbing perfect-11's on Florian, Elkins, The Polish Experiment, and calling 3rd round TKO for the Mexicutioner.  I also supersized my combo, grabbin 22pts on Munoz-Maia.  The only fight I missed, was an underdog pick with James Head.  I was already playing for free (thanks stink), and now I'm up $20!

ANS clouded the title picture by moving himself into contention with a solid performance, going 11 for 12.  Sunshine took home full points on Cerrone, Florian, Poirier, and also called a 1st round submission for Weidman.  The only fight ANS got wrong was the controversial decision that favored Darren Elkins. Well, thank-you incompetent judging.

Rounding out the top 3 is a tie between Dlocc and Cali.  Both guys called Florian, Elkins, and Cerrone right.  Both also made a great call with a Pee-Wee 2nd round TKO.  Cali double-downed on Munoz, while Dlocc added 11 for Poirier.    

UNDERDOG PICK OF THE NIGHT:  Darren Elkins - This wasn't a card for the underdog, as Elkins was only a slight underdog, favoring 45% of the picks (22 out of 49).  If you got this fight right, ya got lucky!

HOT BOUT OF THE NIGHT:  Mark Munoz vs. Damien Maia - This was one of the hardest fights to call.  I switched my picks a few times, but ended up sticking with Munoz by UD.  There were so many ways this fight could end, and making it a hot bout made it that much more important.  In the first round Maia surprised everyone with his always-improving stand-up, and nearly got a tko early on.  Even with a loss here, Maia looked good.

BASEMENT DWELLER(S) OF THE NIGHT:  NNR & newfie-  Scoring a measly 3 for 12, NNR's only decent pick was Weidman by submission.  newfie scored 5/12, gettin 7pts for callin Beltran by TKO.  [ passes you both the basement torch]  Welcome to the Hall of Shame boys. 

 UFC 131 Results: 

1 98 Two_Words View Picks
2 92 AintNoSunshine View Picks
3 90 Cali View Picks
3 90 Dlocc View Picks
5 88 ricky-dooby View Picks
6 87 ViolentMike View Picks
7 86 DetroitDrew View Picks
8 83 TheGreg View Picks
9 82 arm_bar_bandit View Picks
10 81 El_Champ View Picks
11 80 RiverHorror View Picks
12 77 TuffGong View Picks
12 77 P-Dub View Picks
14 76 tr8k View Picks
14 76 Rilly View Picks
14 76 Diceman View Picks
17 75 Agar View Picks
18 70 sarah- View Picks
18 70 ZINO View Picks
18 70 ihatejakeshields View Picks
21 69 jayw27 View Picks
22 68 freenow82 View Picks
22 68 sergiotx View Picks
24 67 kevjack115 View Picks
24 67 scarnon View Picks
24 67 brucep View Picks
24 67 PHISH_NATION View Picks
28 66 IrishKev View Picks
29 65 GotaHemmi View Picks
29 65 Yan117 View Picks
29 65 Ulf_Murphy View Picks
32 64 AKwastaken View Picks
33 63 kg12 View Picks
34 62 DavidW-S View Picks
34 62 Bons_210309 View Picks
36 60 BNF View Picks
36 60 hairybumcrack View Picks
38 59 magicmike View Picks
39 58 Ponch-hoe View Picks
40 57 vhw View Picks
41 55 JetLag View Picks
41 55 Davidakos View Picks
43 54 mission_unstoppable View Picks
44 53 JohnnyWF View Picks
44 53 Puck_Head View Picks
46 52 Deuce02 View Picks
47 39 thepride View Picks
48 38 GriffinFan05 View Picks
49 27 newfie View Picks
49 27 NNR View Picks


The cream is rising.  Agar took the 17th spot this week, but it was enough to hold onto his belt, maintaining a 9-point lead from Dlocc, who is now in sole posession of the 2nd spot (I'll be there soon Dlocc).  Drew also moved up a few spots to get into money contention, but he's got someone sneakin up behind him.

Current Standings 

Position Points
1 Agar 221
2 Dlocc 212
3 DetroitDrew 208
4 Two_Words 207
6 TheGreg 199
7 Ulf_Murphy 195
8 AintNoSunshine 187
9 ZINO  182
10 Cali 180
11 P-Dub 179
12 vhw 178
13 Brucep 177
14 El_Champ 176
15 ricky-dooby 175
16 ihatejakeshields 172
16 hairybumcrack 172
18 Violent Mike 171
18 magicmike 171
20 TuffGong 168
21 DavidW-S 167
22 jayw27 164
22 freenow82 164
24 RiverHorror 163
25 kg12 160
25 BNF 160
25 NNR 160
28 Yan117 158
29 Punch-hoe 156
29 scarnon 156
31 Rilly 152
32 tr8k 151
33 Kevjack 149
33 Akwastaken 149
35 sergiotx 146
36 Puck_Head 144
37 mission_unstoppable 143
38 IrishKev 139
39 thePride 136
40 JetLag 135
41 Bons_210309 134
42 sarah 128
43 124
44 Diceman 113
45 Griffinfan05 109
46 Gotahemmi 107
47 Deuce02 98
48 Davidakos 96
49 newfie 95
50 Captain_Ernesto 82
51 Onemansyn 47
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