MMAmania vs Bloody Elbow. Event one recap.



First an update, Elliot  Mahaney didn't get in camp elbow on time and was replaced by zakkree (good choice). I also posted numerous times in both the comments and the body of the fanposts that all picks needed to be in on time and anyone not picking would count against their teams score, I even posted this so much that MostDiabolicalHater assured me that "this isn't mania and I don't need to keep repeating the instructions" (this is called foreshadowing).


Join me after the jump for a run down of full scores and totals.


1st - Two_Words - 98 Team Mania

2nd - ViolentMike - 87 Team Mania

3rd - Daygeux - 86 Team Elbow

3rd - DetroitDrew - 86 Team Mania

5th - Lowelthehammer - 81 Team Elbow

6th - Zakkree - 80 Team Elbow

6th - Horseloverfat - 80 Team Elbow

8th - Zino - 70 Team Mania

9th - Jay - 69 Team Mania

10th - Freenow82 - 68 Team Mania

11th - PhishNation - 67 Team Mania

12th - UlfMurphy - 65 Team Mania

13th - RolloTomasi - 63 Team Elbow

13th - JohnDanahersHair - 63 Team Elbow

15th - MostDiabolicalHater - 61 Team Elbow

16th - Milk217 - 60 Team Elbow

16th - BNF - 60 Team Mania

18th - Amadeus - 58  Team Elbow

19th - NNR - 27 Team Mania

20th - ChiCubs - 0 Team Elbow


MMAmania 697  leads Bloody Elbow 632. 




Please check my math, I'm throwing this together before I go to bed. Sorry in advance for any misspellings of names on the opposing team. This is event one of six, see you in a few weeks.

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