Pacquiao vs Mosley results and LIVE fight coverage TONIGHT (May 7) in Las Vegas


Pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao steps into the ring TONIGHT (May 7, 2011) for the first time since his hideously one-sided annihilation of Antonio Margarito in November against multi-division stalwart "Sugar" Shane Mosley.

Beginning at 9 p.m. ET, the pay-per-view event will also feature undefeated WBO super bantamweight champion Wilfredo Vázquez, Jr. as he defends his title against junior bantamweight title holder Jorge Arce.

Plus, monstrous power-puncher Kelly Pavlik will look to regain momentum following his loss to Sergio Martinez when he faces off against undefeated Alfonso López III in a super middleweight slugfest.

Lastly, Mike Alvarado and Raymond Narh, with 42 knockouts between them, kick the show off at light welterweight.

We'll have complete results and recap of the night's action but you can also find great coverage from our partners in crime at both Bad Left Hook (here) and SB Nation MMA (here).

Complete results and live play-by-play after the jump.

Main Event:

147 lbs.: Manny Pacquiao def. Shane Mosley via unanimous decision (119-108, 120-108, 120-107)

Main Card:

122 lbs.: Jorge Arce def. Wilfredo Vazquez Jr. via technical knockout at  0:55 in the twelfth round
168 lbs.: Kelly Pavlik def. Alfonso Lopez via majority decision (95-95, 98-92, 99-91)
140 lbs.: Mike Alvarado def. Raymond Narh via technical knockout at 3:00 in the third round


115 lbs.: Rodel Mayol def. Javier Gallo via majority decision (95-95, 98-92, 98-92)
140 lbs.: Jose Benavidez def. James Hope via technical knockout at 1:43 in the fifth round
135 lbs.: Pier Oliver Cote def. Aris Ambriz via technical knockout at 0:46 in the fourth round
140 lbs.: Karl Dargan def. Randy Arrellin via unanimous decision (60-54, 60-54, 59-55)

Welterweight Championship: Manny Pacquiao vs. Shane Mosley

Round one: Showtime.Fighters feeling each other out early. Jabs from both sides failing to get through. Good one-two from Manny. Big right hook whiffs from Manny; neither fighter landing well. Right from Mosley, bigger left from Manny. Double jab from Manny lands clean. Mosley poking the guard of Manny but nothing doing. Very patient, tactical round. Manny landed the only significant shots, so 10-9 Pacquaio to open things up.

Round two: Tight guards from both. Manny sneaks in a left to the body, Shane answers back in kind. Good one-two from Mosley. BIG combo from Manny lands. Blistering speed. Heads almost collide as Manny lunges in. Hard left from Manny and he eems to be pushing forward. Mosley looks concerned. Another good combo seals the deal. 20-18 Pacquiao.

Round three: Narrow miss from Pacquiao, Mosley responds with a right. Manny pushing forward. Good left straight from Manny. Another one and SHANE IS DOWN! He's back up but Manny smells blood! Mosley backing away and Manny's feet are a blur as he chases him down. Shane survives, but it wasn't by much. 10-8 Pacquiao makes it 30-26.

Round four: Shane doesn't look happy. Manny moving well and constantly. Shane slips after getting lit up by a funky combo. Straight left from Manny hurts Shane. Shane hits him back but Manny recovers. Three-punch salvo from Manny lands flush. Left straight from Manny and that's been his money punch so far. Manny is in offense mode and Shane seems hesitant to take advantage. Oh, hard combo from Shane dings off the guard. Manny takes another one to make it 40-35 and this is looking distressingly predictable

Round five: Good lead hook from Manny tags Shane. Another head collision mars what was a great body shot from Manny. Shane's jab lands but that straight left catches Shane again. Oh, good body punches from Mosley. Pacquiao hits the body again and he's hunting for the right hook upstairs. Shane almost gets his head taken off by a right hook, but he avoids it. Jab's actually working for Mosley and he lands a good left off a Manny attack. It's not quite as one-sided as I expected, but Manny is quite clearly ahead. 50-44 Pacquiao.

Round six: Shane seems to be doing alright for the moment, but Manny is just stalking him. Good right hook from Manny and he's throwing everything and the kitchen sink at Shane. Jab from Shane sneaks through and then another. Three-punch combo narrowly misses Shane's head. Clinch. Pacquiao pushing him back again with volume. Shane actually landing now but he's still being forced back. Shane's best round so far but he's still letting Manny take him wherever he wants. 60-53 Pacquiao.

Round seven: Manny looking for the jab. Hard jab from Shane almost lands. Shane is playing defense and is offering only token resistance to Manny at this point. Qicked one-two from Manny stings Mosley. Hard left straight to the body from Manny. Right from Manny tags Shane, then again. Really, Shane is just retreating at this point. So far, he seems to have nothing for Manny and he knows it. Yet another round for Manny, making it 70-62 Pacquiao.

Round eight: Manny still stalking and still landing awkward, powerful shots. Shane is doing nothing but surviving. Really, this is starting to border on pathetic. Weak jabs from Shane. Manny searching for the right hook up top. Good combo from Manny, topped off by a left hook. Shane lands a decent left. Surprisingly good right straight from Mosley, but nowhere near enough. 80-71 Pacquiao.

Round nine: Good jab from Mosley. Geeze, Shane isn't committing to anything, but Manny sure is. Good left straight lands clean from Manny. Combos flying again from Manny and Shane lands another good jab. Sheer volume being unleashed by Manny. Tags Mosley again, and a one-two lands flush. Right hook from Manny lands. Punch from Mosley strays low and Manny stumbles Shane with a left. Round ends and this is a farce. Mosley not doing ANYTHING here. 90-80 Manny.

Round ten: Same old song and dance; Manny moves forward, throws a wall of punches, while Shane throws a jab and absolutely nothing else. Pacquiao stings Shane but Shane claims headbutt and gets a brief reprieve. Manny tagging Shane just over and over. Shane pushes Manny down and...the heck? Knockdown? That's a joke. Manny is pissed and he's hunting Shane and landing hard. Not sure what the criteria is when someone dominates the round despite getting "knocked down", so 10-9 Shane. 99-90 Manny and God help Shane in these last two.

Round eleven: Manny is absolutely intent on knocking Shane out now. Throwing everything he can at Shane and he is landing clean. Right hook just whiffs. Mosley holding on for dear life here. Manny is out for blood; Mosley finally figures out to throw a counter right, but Manny is undeterred. Mosley backpedaling and clinches. Shane survives but, short of an act of God, he's going to lose this fight. 109-99 Manny.

Round twelve: Crowd wants Manny to end it and I can't blame them. Manny letting his hands go, but Shane just retreating and clinching. Hard left hook from Manny, then a good body shot. The straight left is shredding Shane. Manny tagging him and stumbles him with a right., Another big right hook. This one's over and just a pitiful, pitiful performance by Shane Mosley. 119-108 Manny

Final Result: 119-108, 120-108, and 120-107 for Pacquiao


Super Bantamweight Championship: Jorge Arce vs. Wilfredo Vázquez, Jr.

Round one: Here's hoping the little guys can make up for that display. Fighters trade hooks early. Arce looking for the body. Good one-two from Vasquez, then a solid right uppercut. Arce lands clean. Vasquez doubles up the left and lands. Good body shot from Arce. Right straights from Vaqeuz. Arce tags Vasquez and again, Vasquez is retreating. More good shots from Arce. Nice jabs from Vasquez to end it, but put this one in the books for the veteran. 10-9 Arce.

Round two: Vasquez chasing Arce down to begin. Good counter right from Arce and he's hunting Vasquez down. Lot of movement from Vasquez but Arce somewhow just forcing him into the ropes contantly. Vasquez lands a couple of quick shots but Arce just wants more. BIG left hook, then a right hand. Arce is on the attack. Trading body shots in the clinch. Arce in hot pursuit and I don't think Vasquez can afford to be pushed like this. 20-18 Arce.

Round three: Arce wants to make this ugly and is so far doing a pretty good job of it. More trading in the clinch and Arce is locking on to Vasquez's body. Clinch from Vasquez. Slugfest on the ropes. Vasquez is countering Arce whenever he gets close but Arce doesn't care. Continued body attack from Arce. Unrelenting pressure from Arce. This is turning into a great fight and I think Arce has control. 30-27 Arce.

Round four: Fighters trade some thudding body shots. Arce lunging forward but Vasquez is tagging him him as he steps in. Again, however, Arce paying them no mind. Good combo from Arce. Vasquez is figuring out the timeing but Arce simply won't stop. Arce pushes Vasquez into the ropes, leading to clinching.. Arce is starting to land big . BIG right from Arce and ARCE IS DOWN! Simultaneous left hooks and Vasquez comes out on top! Arce's up but his lead is down to one point. 38-37.

Round five: If that bothered Arce he's got one heck of a poker face. He pushes Vasquez into the ropes again. Good hook from Vasquez. Fighters heads  right next to each other and they're trading power shots. Big body shot from Arce. Clinch. Arce forces Vasquez into the ropes again but gets clinched. Relentless Jorge Arce. Hard left from Vasquez but Arce hurts him with a straight. More body work from Arce and I think he's back on track. 48-46 Arce.

Round six: Trading at a distance leads to a good combo from Arce. Arce is still pushing forward and hitting to the body. Good left from Arce. Clinch. Arce pushing but gets locked in the clinch again. Arce tags Vasquez and I think that body onslaught is finally paying dividends. Good right from Vasquez but Arce shoots right back. Arce gets jolted by a quick combo near the end but controlled the pace throughout. 58-55 Arce.

Round seven: Good jab from Vasquez and he stings Arce with a right. Up-close banging and wow, it's a brawl. Arce simply won't stop and hits Vasquez with a right.  BIG lefts from Vasquez but Arce responds with a combo but Vasquez hits him again! Wow, what a fight. Damn close, but Arce eked that one out. 68-84 Arce.

Round eight: Hard counter from Vasquez and Arce has forced him into the ropes again. Arce with the Mexican boxing ideal: attack, attack, attack, forward forward, forward. Vasquez seems to be really slowing down at this point. Arce forces him into the ropes again and continues pummeling the body. Wow, over 500 punches by Arce at this point. Arce simply relentless. 78-73 Arce. Also, now that there's a lull, anyone else think Vasquez looks like a Puerto Rican Barack Obama?

Round nine: Arce shoves Vasquez over and it looks like a fell a bit too easily for my tastes. Vasquez the more technical of the two but simply can't avoid being shoved into the ropes and chiseled. Clinching boooooooo. More clinching. More clinching. Etcetera. Quick shot from Arce tags Vasquez but a counter left answers. Close round; Arce didn't manage to impose his will and the left of Vasquez seems to be hitting home. 87-84 Arce.

Round ten: Vasquez starting to find his groove; Arce is still pushing forward, but he's just pushing at this point. Vazquez is landing hard in the clinch. Vazquez slips off his feet and he may be more tired than I think. Arce forcing the fight into the ropes again and attacks the body before getting tied up. More clinching. Both guys are absolutely spent at this point, but the counter left of Vazquez is still hitting home. 96-94 Arce and it's coming down to the wire.

Round eleven: Good attack from Arce and he still wants it. Good left hook from Arce and he goes back to the ropes. Lunging left from Arce tags Vazquez; these guys are noot done. Bull-rushing is Arce and he forgets what sport he's in with a decent double-leg. Vazquez barely responding. Arce in control as the penultimate round comes to an end. 106-103 Arce.

Round twelve: It may come down to this. Arce on the attack and Vazquez is wobbly! Arce on the attack and he won't stop! Clinch from Vazquez AND IT'S OVER! VAZQUEZ'S FATHER THROWS IN THE TOWEL AND IT'S OVER! ARCE WINS THE TITLE! WHAT A FIGHT!

Final Result::Jorge Arce wins by TKO (Corner Stoppage)


Super Middleweight Bout: Alfonso López III vs. Kelly Pavlik

Round one: Announcers say we're looking at a "new" Kelly Pavlik. Looks kind of like the old one, to be honest. Lopez tags Pavlik early with a good hook. That right hand of Pavlik's is cocked and loaded, and he whiffs with it. Both sides tentative. Left hook from Pavlik glances off, Lopez landing combos. Good hook nails Lopez. Wow, major rabbit punch from Pavlik. Good right straight from Lopez, then a counter from Pavlik near the bell. 10-9 Lopez.

Round two: Defense is tight on both sides. Pavlik lands a decent counter left hook. Body shot from Lopez and they're tangoing. More clinching from Pavlik after they break. Big right narrowly misses for Pavlik. Pavlik bringing the jab to bear and then feeling lonely and clinching again. BIG hook from Pavlik and Lopez uncorks a gnarly combo in retalitation. Close round, and I think Pavlik evened it up. 19-19.

Round three: More clinching. How exhilarating. Good jab from Pavlik. Right straight from Pavlik sneaks through. Fight once again turns into an interpretive dance number. Another big right from Pavlik against the ropes, but Lopez's combos are landing. More clinching. Good left from Lopez. That's the bell; Pavlik edged this one out. 29-28 Pavlik.

Round four: Lopez is teeing off; Pavlik really isn't getting out of the way of the combos. Headbutt opens a cut on Pavlik; didn't see who initiated it. More clinching. Good one-two from Pavlik and then a leading right straight. Lopez is comfortable throwing long combos.  More clinching. Big left from Pavlik and then a clubbing right. Big left hook from Pavlik and some solid retaliation from Lopez before more clinching. Left hook working for Pavlik. Lopez throwing three for every one of Pavlik's, but it's hard to tell who's more effective. Closer round, but Pavlik 39-37.

Round five: MORE clinching. Pavlik's working the counter left hook. BIG right straight from Pavlik initiates more clinching. Left hook from Pavlik narrowly whiffs. Another good counter hook from Pavlik. Has Lopez gassed already? ANOTHER good counter left from Pavlik. Punch that may have been after the bell for Lopez and that may have been his best offense of the round. 49-46 Pavlik.

Round six: Pavlik looks far more comfortable than Lopez right now, but those combos are still there. Lopez walks into a left. Lead right from Pavlik hurts Lopez, who makes up for the relative excitement by clinching. More clinching. Lopez is moving fairly well but Pavlik is hunting him down. More clinching. Pavlik working the body and the momentum is definitely in the former champ's favor. 59-55 Pavlik.

Round seven: Good three-punch combo from Lopez and he looks like he might have found a second wind. Scratch that, more clinching. Right straight from Pavlik lands. Counter left lands again as Lopez moves in. Left hook landing again. Lopez lands another good combo but they don't look like they're phasing Pavlik. GOOD left hook as Lopez walks in; he just can't stop that punch. Good right from Pavlik. MORE clinching. Low blow from Pavlik stops the action. Lopez pushing forward and making some nice thuds with his punches, but Pavlik still looks unfazed. Clubbing right from Pavlik and then another. Lopez looked better in this round, but didn't do enough to recoup his losses in my book. 69-64 Pavlik.

Round eight: Lopez still throwing in bunches, but most look like they're bouncing off of Pavlik's guard. Pavlik trying to foce the left hook and getting some success with it. Lopez with more punches but runs into the left hook again. Good right from Lopez. Quick straight from  Pavlik initiates clinch. More clinching. MORE clinching. Frantic combos from Lopez and while nothing really lands clean, it's enough to give him the round. 78-74 Pavlik.

Round nine: Counter left all day for Pavlik and Lopez really looks tired now. More clinching. All offense now from Lopez. Counter left AGAIN from Pavlik and another. Clinch. Solid one-two for Pavlik. More good shots from Pavlik and he's just sharpshooting now. Clinch from Lopez followed by a good little onslaught. Lopez just isn't hurting Pavlik. Good left from Pavlik. Clinch. Another good left from Pavlik and a rabbit punch. Lopez landed well, but Pavlik is actually causing damage. 88-83 Pavlik.

Round ten: Lopez is sort of going for broke here, but it more than willing to slow things down and clinch. Oh, Lopez landing now. Pavlik a little sedate. Big left hooks from Pavlik. Oh, Lopez is getting tagged, but Pavlik is content to just pick his opportunities. Another good hook and another from Pavlik. One-two wobbles Lopez. Another right and Lopez is getting pummeled. Another good left hook. More clinching. Tenth round was fun to watch, but an underwhelming fight overall, one I'm giving 98-92 to Pavlik.

Final Result: 95-95, 98-92, and 99-91 for...Kelly Pavlik. Announcers are confused at the 99-91, while I'm confused by the 95-95. Judges be crazy, I suppose.


Light Welterweight Bout: Mike Alvarado vs. Raymond Narh

Round one: The announcers call Narh "Sugar" Ray. Welp, I now know who I'm NOT rooting for. Circling early, quick jab exchanges from both sides. Quick body shot from Alvarado bounces off. Quick combo from Narh and he looks like he's finding his rhythm. Another nice combo from Narh, but Alvarado's jab is getting through. Alvarado chasing the body with some good results and snaps Narh's head back with a right straight near the end. Close one, I think I'll say 10-9 Alvarado.

Round two: That is one tarted-up ring girl. More jabs to start the second. Quite a bit of clinching and it looks like Mike's getting the better of it there. HUGE jab from Alvarado, way louder than a jab has any right to be. Oh, big right cross from Narh to counter. Counter right from Mike and he is landing  More rights from Alvarado. Yet another clinch, and Alvarado takes another round. 20-18 Alvarado.

Round three: Narrow miss from Alvarado, followed by a fairly blatant shot to the back of the head. More clinching and Mike seems plenty comfortable. Good overhand right from Alvarado; Narh looks lost in here, but his jab is still landing. Big whiff from Alvarado. Oh, big right straight-left hook land flush from Alvarado. Narh is just backing away; he's not doing anything to discourage Alvarado, who lands another big jab. MORE good shots from Alvarado and Narh clinches. Narh still beating a retreat to end the round. 30-27 Alvarado.

...Wait, what?! Narh quits on his stool before round four. He was completely fine; barely a scratch on him. Announcers say Narh told them he was fighting for his daughter. Smooth move, daddy-o.

Final Result: Mike Alvarado wins by TKO (Retirement) after three


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