MMAmania vs Bloody Elbow. The battle to end the war.


For those of you not around yesterday let me start with a minor update. As custom would have it the holiday was accompanied by the usual female appreciation open thread which may or may not have contributed to this over at Bloody Elbow. David WS  and I had recently tossed around the idea of our top "money pool" pickers going up against the top dogs of B.E.'s "betting game". After the usual retaliation ensued a few troops returned from battle baring the scars of the infamous "ban hammer" I decided in the spirit of memorial day to issue a challenge which can be seen in the comments of both threads that I just mentioned.

The Challenge was accepted with open arms and the battle to end the war has begun. Full details after the jump.



Do not read any further without listening to this music while reading the rest of this post.




Each website will be forming a 10 man team. All 20 of us will take part in a 6 UFC only event season on starting with UFC 131 and ending with UFC 134, including UFC on versus 5 and UFC live: Marquardt vs Johnson. The previous challenge was to only be 5 events and start this weekend, but I wanted to give both sites ample time to pick their 10 man team and I couldn't bare the thought of the season not ending at UFC 134 Rio. At the end of the season we will combine the scores of each 10 man team and the total points will determine the winner. Individual placement has zero effect on the outcome. This is a team competition and every mans score on all 6 events will play into the outcome.




I've been coming to this site for close to two years. The rivalry between the two sites has not only caused numerous poster banning casualties but as of late even staff members. There is a class war of sorts between the two with many on our side of the tracks feeling like snobs are looking down on us and their side scoffing at our blue collar banter. We like to share our thoughts of the opposite sex while they choose to pay them the utmost respect. Their comment section tends to stick to the subject and remain respectful and green while ours can go any direction at any time and lacks the moderation that they have come to appreciate. This is the working man against the suit and tie, the Greasers vs the Socs, this is  MMAmania vs Bloody Elbow. For those of you who feel you have been unjustly labeled this is your chance to prove your worth, to regain your dignity and to represent MMAmania. Their side is preparing for battle as we speak, do not make the mistake of thinking this will be easy. Someone commented in the past that their pick percentage was almost identical to ours, remember they have their own Kev's, Kim's, and Deuce's who will not be a part of this competition, expect and be ready for their best. Brent Brookhouse has invited me to make a more formal challenge today via fanpost today which I will be doing next and then I will return to answer any questions.


The Rules.

Participants have to be regulars. That means 1000+ posts, 1 yr plus membership, and the given site has to be your most frequented (determined by number of comments).

No staff allowed. (that includes any sbnation staff sorry Derek Suboticki)

Picks receive 5 pts for the winner and if picked correctly can also earn 2 pts for the rd, and 2 pts for how the fight ends. If all 3 are picked correctly a bonus 2pts is added totaling 11. There is one hot fight per event which is worth double points.

Picks must be in many hours before the 1st fight starts, possibly 4, but I'm not sure, there will be a clock counting down your remaing time right above your picks. Do not pull a "Hemmi", this is not the time.

This is purely for site supremacy bragging rights. There is no money involved.

You are picking every fight on the entire card televised or not.




Our Team


1 - Capt. DetroitDrew/Drewmoney$$$ (my old account has BE membership so I will be posting under it over there.)

2- UlfMurphy (confirmed)

3- NNR (confirmed)

4 - Jay - (confirmed)

5 - ViolentMike (confirmed)

6 - Freenow82 (confirmed)

7 - BNF - (confirmed)

8 Two_Words (confirmed)

9 ?

10 ?

This weekends event will help me determine who to choose for the final 3 spots. A lot of you have just started playing this season so I don't have much to go by. Poster's I'm considering are PhishNation, Hairybumcrack, Cali, David WS, magicmike, Two_Words, and every single one of you. Do your research and make some educated picks this weekend if you expect to be considered.

Their team.

Captain -MDH
  2- John Danaher’s Hair
  3- Rollo
  4- Tim Bernier (ChiCubs23)
  5- amadeus
  6- Horselover Fat
  7- ElliotMatheny
  8- Milk72
  9- lowellthehammer
  10 - DayGeaux


Lastly, anyone not picked for the team that goes rouge and trolls their threads should expect to be banned, it's business as usual. i ask anyone who is picked to comment over there within the guidelines and to invite the opposition into our home if they desire to sling some mud.



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