UFC Pay Per View buys down??

        It seems that there has been a recent trend when it comes to UFC main events lately.  If there is a fight booked, unless its two weeks out, dont count on it happening. UFC's 119, 122, 125, 128, 130 all had major shifts in either thier main events or co main events or both. And 3 out of the next 4 main events all had some type of injury affect them. ( Not gunna lie though, im pretty glad Fitch vs. Penn got cancelled lol). But still the fact remains the same.Injuries are really hitting the UFC right now, and it can't be good for PPV buys. There are two big ones though, that could've easily hit over 1 million ppv..and one has to think now, will any ufc ppv hit 1 million this year??


Lesnar's Injury


   Lesnar's upcoming bout against JDS at UFC 131 would've been a big ppv hit. It wouldve been the biggest one ppv buy wise of the year to this point no doubt. There also was a good chance that it coul've hit 1 million. But now that the worst has stricken, theres no chance. Im a big carwin fan, but the UFC might have lost 500,000- 600,000 buys right there. Not to mention they just basically wasted a whole season of The Ultimate Fighter. But to me thats not the biggest lost. With the possibilty that lesnar wouldve won that fight, that would've set up a huge rematch with Cain Velaquez for the title. Wheter or not that would've been competitive or not, that could've been a HUGE ppv. And depending who else is on that card, it could've been upwards of 1.5 million MAYBE. But now none of that is possible. ANd depending on how Lesnar comes back, the UFC may have lost its PPV king.

Jon Jones/ Rashad Evans/ Rampage Jackson

Jon-jones_mediumRashad_20evans_medium Rampage-jackson-retires-form-mma_medium

     A fight between any of these three men can be a huge ppv. And depending on the circumstances and the build up, each could hit 1 million. But because of injuries, there is a chance that nothing will happen between any of these three men. An earlier bout between Jones and evans was set to go down. This fight had big money written all over it. Drama sells, and especially when a belt is on the line. But now because of an unfortunate series of events, that fight wont happen for a while. But there could be a savior....Rampage Jackson. With his recent victory of Matt Hamill, he is now in line for the belt. And besides the fact tht there wasn't a finish, Rampage looked dominant enought to sell a fight with jones. And you gotta believe if the fight is to be booked, there will be some words back and forth...and it will sell. But there is a damn good chance that an injury could prevent it. If rampage isnt able to fight against jones, that will be another big blow for the UFC. While I know many Hard cores want to see Machida fight jones, it wont sell nearly as well as a fight with Page.


A reason for Hope though

    While the UFC already lost a huge PPV fight, it still has a chance for a Jones/Page matchup. Personally, seeing that rampage fought two days ago with a fractured hand...there isnt any reason he couldn't fight jones in October. If he isnt able to make that fight happen, I will seriously be disappointed, and i think anyone could legitimaly say he's ducking jones. If that bout doesnt happen though, and Machida steps in...there is a serious chance that a ufc event may not hit 1 million buys this year. But there is hope though. Dana White recently said that fans minds are gunna be blown away by the end of the year. Maybe he'll set up some kind of a Mega card that will sell no matter what. but regardless of wht he does, it will need to be BIG if none of these fights happen.

  The UFC isnt going anywhere. But this could turn out to be a down year if big fights dont happen, and they continue to settle with less.

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