The GSP hypocrisy society

Ive been scouring the blogs this morning of May 29th, the day after UFC 130 and the theme seems to be captured by statements like the following:

Jackson remained more patient than most people expected or hoped from him. .......... I'm not sure if that erases an otherwise underwhelming performance, though.  - Fagan at Bloodyelbow

but now that he had the chance to go out there and really seize it, he faltered.- Matt Bishop at BE

Regardless, there is no way that Jackson did enough tonight to justify a title shot. - Some guy from HKL

Kaleb Kelchner also said something on these lines that im too lazy to post.

I could go on but you get the idea.

People found Jackson's performance "underwhelming." A performance that included him using shots from various angles, going to the body, stuffing ALL of a decorated wrestlers takedown attempts and imposing his will on a dangerous fighter who's KO'd the likes of Mark Munoz and Tim Boetsch. The guy delivers one of his most measured, well rounded performances and we're all ready to take a dump on him. Keep in mind this was with a hand injury and he still kept coming forward.

What did you people want Rampage to do? KO a guy who's only been stopped once using his broken hand? Slam him around?

This brings me to my point after the jump.

Anyone see a GSP fight lately? The abortion of a fight against Shields, his jabfest against Kos and the lay and pray "victories" over Hardy and Alves. Each one of those snoozefests elicited applause from the balconies. The crowd worshipped this timid fighter who was content to lay over his opponents for the decision using a single tool. If anyone dared to call those fights boring, they were crucified for not knowing about "technique."

Yes, he was injured in one of those fights but so was Jackson last night. But we saw more variety and improvisation from Jackson than GSP has shown in his recent fights. If anything, Jackson should get the next title shot for the improvement he has shown. I want to see that stellar takedown defense against Jones.

Why do people defend GSP's dreadful performances where he fights not to lose but are quick to throw Jackson under the bus? Compare GSP's fight with Alves to Rick Story against the same man. Which did you like better?

This is hypocrisy, plain and simple. You can't defend one fighter's snoozeworthy performances and call him the king of champions when the other who stuffs 100 percent of a good wrestler's takedown attempts is pilloried.

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