Mo Lawal: Jon Jones is king of the ho moves like Superhead and Kat Stacks


I'd say this one was starting to get ugly, but I think we left ugly back at the gate several weeks ago.

Former Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion Muhammed Lawal wasn't impressed with the latest "ho move" by UFC 205-pound kingpin Jon Jones, who shared a private text message with the mixed martial arts media to prove nemesis Rashad Evans called him a "fake-ass white boy" (FAWB).

Mo's response: "So what?"

He further states that sharing the screen shot of his sour chat with "Suga" puts Jones in the same league as Superhead or Kat Stevens, a couple of high-profile hos that are "petty" in his eyes.

"The King" lays down his ruling to Fight Hype:

"Personally, Jon Jones is the king of hoe moves. That's shit your ex-girl, Superhead, or Kat Stacks would do. I wouldn't apologize for shit and I don't think Rashad should either. Like I said before, that's some hoe shit; petty in my eyes. So what? He called Jones a white boy? I've heard worse and y'all have too. It's funny how some fans wanna be PC and shit, but then some of these same muthafuckaz wanna pay to see some organized violence. LOL! Or they boo if a fight ain't violent enough. LOL!"

Now that the UFC has acquired Strikeforce, is there any chance we could see these two come to blows? Or does Lawal have to first re-establish himself as a threat in the 205-pound division?

The self-labeled "Black Archie Bunker" grappled the title away from Gegard Mousasi in Nashville back in April 2010 before dropping it in his very first defense against Rafael "Feijao" Cavalcante in Houston later that year.

Can he rebound from a recent knee injury and make another run at the top? Or is he all bark and no bite?

Whose side are you on in the great ho debate?

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