The coaches with no names: Who will coach The Ultimate Fighter 14?

The next coaches are Nick Diaz, Chael Sonnen, Georges St.Pierre...who?

As reported by . Dana White has all but said that NickDiaz and Georges St.Pierre coaching the next season of the Ultimate Fighter (TUF) or even fighting at UFC 140 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada these holiday season are as of now 'false'.

The highly anticipated season of TUF 14 featuring Diaz-GSP had the forums abuzz as it was the first true indication that the purchase of Strikeforce was not 'business as usual'.

With filming taking place quite shortly, do we see a huge announcement at the usual Friday press conference for UFC 130 or do we need to put down 50$ to hear the huge announcement made official?

For the meantime my fellow Maniac's, why don't we examine who i feel may make up the rank of coach for the next breed of fighters


1. Jason 'Mayhem' Miller

The newly aquired fighter and the force behind MTV's 'Bully Beatdown' could very well bring his oddball antics and sense of humor to the viewers.

The reason i strongly feel that Miller may bring a whole new sense of humor and a blend of inspiration is his own climb from GSP's whipping boy to well-rounded and respectable mixed martial artist. AT UFC 52, Miller made his Octagon debut against dangerous and deady striker Georges St.Pierre at 170-pounds. The fight was nothing for Miller to brag about as GSP handed 'Mayhem' an ass whooping of epic proportions. In the locker room, Miller even called up his friends and family and asked 'id you see me get my ass kicked?' lauhing as well.

Since, losing to GSP in his one and only UFC fight to date, Miller has amassed a record of 12-3 with notable wins over Falaniko Vitale, Lodune Sinclair, Robbie Lawler, Tim Kennedy and his hero Sakuraba.

His tenure with the Strikeforce brand pretty much dissolved when he entered the cage following Jake Shields defeated Dan Henderson at Strikefocre: Nashville and erupted a brawl with the Caesar Gracie camp. He was allegedly 'banned' from CBS and Strikeforce and they allowed his contract to expire.

Miller, signed a contract with the UFC and now will face Aaron Simpson at UFC 132 later this summer in Phildadelphia. Will the UFC name him a coach even with a loss? or will 'Mayhem' be left to coach 'bullies' a lesson?.


2.Royce Gracie

This may be a stretch but with the UFC heading back to Brazil and the popularity that the Gracie name holds in MMA is untouched.

The UFC could turn this whole thing of 'who is the next TUF coaches' and suprise us with a Gracie led campaign. The UFC also just recently released an 'Ultimate Grace' dvd which may sell based on the name alone but why not squeeze a few more bucks.

Gracie may not bring a very wide range of arsenal to mixed martial arts as his striking is nothing to write home about but, i'm sure he'd pull some strings. Many Brazilian fighters would lend a hand to Royce if needed any sort of assistance. The cast could grow to an absolute all-star team as the weeks go on and on.

I think Royce Gracie and seeing into his methods from generation to generation would give a cool insight to his style of Brazilian jiu jitsu.

I also don't feel we need another Ultimate Fighter to push a fight when now we have seen the issue that could arise from building so much. Rashad Evans vs. Rampage took forever and the fight wasn't the most thrilling, Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell never fought for a 3rd time, Matt Serra and Matt Hughes was delayed for a very long time and now Junior Dos Santos and Brock Lesnar is off. We can do a season with just amazing coaches and focus on the fighters in the show, right?


3. Randy Couture

Could the Natural come back to the Ultimate Fighter house?

Couture who recently retired following a loss to Lyoto Machida at UFC 129 wants to be in the sport at some capacity nonetheless.

Maybe he could use his coaching prowess to get the next crop of Ultimate Fighters ready to endure the rigors of fight life. Couture, brings enough experience and respect that his star level will not indulge upon his personal agenda over the fighters he is coaching.

I think Randy would be a great choice as it be a nice way to give back to the sport that's given him so much. He took Forrest Griffin and Tyson Griffin under his wing and helped them reach the next level then before he assisted.


4. Elite coaches ( Greg Jackson, Duke Roofus, Caesar Gracie ect ect)

Does it have to be UFC stars?

Why not let some of the best who teach the best, teach the next up and coming?

It be a whole new dynamic to the sport and the teams could elect team captains who will help organize the team's itineary for training. Let the newbies get coached by the likes of Jackson's MMA, RoofusSport or Caesar Gracies' Academy.

Now i know that these coaches might not spark/generate as much interest as a Chuck Liddell or Rampage Jackson but maybe showing all aspects of the game that aren't revealed publicly would help give another insight.

Somtimes it's okay to reveal behind the curtain

If you want you can company the coach with the likes of Jon Jones, Nick Diaz or Anthony Pettis. Guys who are actually associated with the coaches camp back at home base.

 Whatcha think Maniac's?

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