Stann down: Jorge Santiago doesn't want to go toe to toe with Brian Stann


Brian Stann is a man of many skills and crafts. He's an elite-level mixed martial artist on top of being a devoted family man as well as a staunch supporter and willing representative of his country.

America! F*ck yeah!

The military super-soldier is gearing up for a Memorial Day weekend mash up against former Sengoku Champion Jorge Santiago, one he badly wanted due to the all too convenient timing of the event.

You see, Stann is an "All American" patriot who would jump at any chance to serve his country. He's done so before, in the form of the United States Marine Corps and now he'll do so again, this time in an entertainment capacity.

He can't wait to put on a show for his fellow Americans over the Memorial Day weekend and has a nice little message for his opponent (via

"If I could fight Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday on Memorial weekend, I would. If I was another fighter and I had to fight me, Memorial Day weekend would be the last weekend I would ever want to fight me. ... Nobody wants to stand toe-to-toe with me and I don't expect Jorge (Santiago) to. He's going to try to take me down (and) he's not going to be able to. He's going to be forced to stand with me or he's going to be forced to fight from his back when I put him there and I'm going to finish the fight. I'm not tapping, I'm not stopping and I'm not quitting."

Don't mess with the old U.S. of A., you hear?

Stann was initially rumored to face Wanderlei Silva over the Memorial Day weekend, but "The Axe Murderer" didn't want to play heel to a military hero.

That left "All American" without a partner to dance with over the Memorial Day weekend but once again, matchmaker Joe Silva came through in the clutch in signing Sengoku standout Santiago.

Stann punched his ticket to the middleweight elite by knocking out the previously unstoppable Chris Leben at UFC 125 on Jan. 1. After that it was campaign time to get on the annual holiday card in late May and the UFC obliged him. 

Anyone think Santiago is going to rain on Stann's parade?

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