Storytime with Cesar Gracie: A funny tale starring Renzo Gracie


Sunday night's conversation with Cesar Gracie wasn't all serious business.

He took time out of discussing Jake Shields' performance at UFC 129Nick Diaz vs. GSPNate Diaz dropping to 155 and his problem with Greg Jackson to tell an awesome story about his cousin, Renzo Gracie.

Renzo is widely regarded as one of the greatest jiu-jitsu instructors on the planet.

His list of students reads like a "who's-who" of worldwide grapplers and almost everybody in mixed martial arts likes and respects him. However, he has a history of being occasionally ridiculous, funny and/or very, very impolite in what he chooses to say (see the BJ Penn/Renzo pre-fight trash talk for best example).

For those of you who appreciate these random Renzo moments, here's another entry that Cesar shared with

"(Renzo) came out to the States and he had a fight coming up. It was 'extreme fighting' or one of those. Before that, they wanted to do a tape of him doing jiu-jitsu moves in the lead-up to the fight. He asked me to do it with him and he actually came out and they were filming it in Los Angeles."

"I lived out in LA at the time and he came out and we went to go film it and we were driving the car there to the filming studio and I realized, ‘I haven't worked out with Renzo in a while' because he was living in Brazil and he moved to New York and I hadn't seen him."

"I turned to Renzo and I finally realized that we had no clue what we were going to do. So I said, ‘Renzo, shouldn’t we go over some moves real quick and show what we’re gonna share?’ and he goes ‘No no no no no.’ So I said ‘What if we don’t know what to show in a certain moment and kind of stall. What are we going to do?’ and he goes ‘You know?’ in a really thick accent and he turns to me and says ‘if I forget what to show them, I will show them my dick!’ and I said ‘WHAT?!’ and he goes ‘you know it’s ugly, but it’s friendly!’ and this is on the way to the show!"

"He’s just crazy man. And he had this big smile as he said it."

Classic Renzo.

Cesar wanted to give one last message to the fans (and haters) who have have been reading and/or listening to his interview with us over the past few days.

Fans can reach me at the academy. We've got a website, The Diaz brothers have a lot of good stuff on their website, and that one is pretty cool because we've got the "Don't Be Scared, Homie" T-shirt. If Dana comes out here, he'll have to wear a "Don't Be Scared, Homie" shirt from their site.

For the full audio of the Cesar Gracie interview, click here.

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