Steven Seagal strikes again: The MMA mystery man behind two spectacular UFC face-kick finishes


You know the old saying, "lightning never strikes twice in the same place."

Unless of course you happen to train under bloated B-movie action star Steven Seagal, the mixed martial arts (MMA) mystery man behind two spectacular UFC face-kick finishes.

All within the span of three months.

Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Lyoto Machida made an Executive Decision to unleash Taekwondo's Miyagi's Seagal's unique yet tried-and-true front face kick that left Exit Wounds on Randy Couture's mandible during the UFC 129: "St. Pierre vs. Shields" pay-per-view event last Saturday night (April 30) in Toronto.

It's been Hard to Kill the hoopla surrounding Seagal's influence on Blackhouse-trained fighters, especially when they credit his techniques, much like "The Dragon" did in Ontario, during their post fight interviews with UFC color commentator Joe Rogan.

And he wasn't the only one.

UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva, who left Vitor Belfort Half Past Dead in the main event of UFC 126: "Silva vs. Belfort" back in February, also gave props to the ex-Mr. LeBrock when he spot-welded his little piggies to the chops of his fellow Brazilian.

But is Seagal really The Shadow Man behind this Attack Force? Or a promotional "tool" designed to keep people talking about the Ed Soares' stable of fighters?

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Bas Rutten is one of many pundits left scratching their heads and even compares Seagal's raspy explanation to a bad Saturday Night Live skit.

Of course common sense would ask, "How does a man too old and overweight to lift his legs above his waist teach someone how to kick?" Perhaps he's a graduate of the James Thompson School of Fight-Winning Strategies, where all you need is a dollar and a Redbox.

The biggest mystery is Seagal himself.

Like the "legendary" Frank Dux before him, it's not his martial arts credentials that are in question, rather his accomplishments. Seagal, a bona fide 7th dan and Shihan in Aikido, has been linked to everything from secret underground tournaments to Black Ops CIA missions.

And now he's linked to two of the most spectacular knockouts in 2011.

In pro wrestling, fans are always trying to discern which storylines are a "work" and which are a "shoot." With Lyoto Machida and Anderson Silva front-kicking their way into the UFC history books, modern-day MMA fans may be getting a little of both.

What say you?

For a closer look at "The Dragon's" UFC 129 Crane kick click here. For Seagal's post-fight reaction click here.

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