Mania Money Pool Season 4. Players wanted.

Season 4 begins May 28th. This is a reminder/shout out to the people that are interested in participating but are yet to join. We have received payment from 26 people already and we want more players. This is your chance to join the trash talk threads and also have sitewide bragging rights.

Payout structure in the past seasons was a little weak, so we've made it more player friendly. Top 3 spots will receive a percentage of total pool money. First place will receive 60% of remaining cash, second place will receive 30% and third place will receive 10%. We will also be offering 10 dollars per event for the event winner. So if you win one event, you get half your money back (pool costs 20 dollars). **In case of a tie winners will duel at the next event in a sidepot. The new event will also be available for the "duelers" and everyone not involved in said duel.

Example of payout (this is all hypothetical); Season 4 has 7 events. We have 30 players. Prize pool would be around 600 dollars

70 dollars would go to winners from events, leaving 530 for season end. First place would take 318$. Second place would take 159$. Third place would take 53$.

That takes care of the money.



Each season will be 4 months. Season 3 was Jan1-April30, Season 4 is May 1st-August 31st, Season 5 will be September 1st-December 31st. Our season will not match the "seasons" on mmaplayground. They may match up at some point by pure luck, but we don't use their seasons at all. The fanpost and stats are going to be kept this season by Two_words. Watch for his name in the fanposts shortly after events.

If money is not received by the league commissioner (this seasons commissioner is me, Jason Whyte) by the morning of the first event of the season, you will be removed from playground immediately. There is no exceptions.

If you have questions or concerns please use the comments section...

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