MMA Betting Project- Night #1 Bellator 44

Hey everyone,

 I have done quite a bit of online MMA betting in my day. I started with the third GSP Hughes fight with a $500 investment into Betus. I promised myself when I did it that I wouldn't put any more money in, just would play with the $500 until it ran out. Well that lasted until about a year ago, when I hit 1 cent. I fluctuated from $50 to $1500. Towards the end I was at $50 and within one month I was up to $700 only to lose it all and call it a day. I always did good with MMA but when I would win I would get cocky and bet on other sports and then started getting reckless with some of my MMA betting. I always thought if I were to play it smart I would actually do quite well so this is where you guys come in.     

 I gave myself $500 to play with for the next month and a half or so to see if it I could have some success if I played this smart. If this goes well I will give my betting a second chance, if not I will stay a spectator until I hit it rich and losing money doesn't bother me any longer. I thought it would be fun for you guys to watch me have some success or fail miserably.

Ok so for my first bets tonight that I just placed:

May 14th (Current Balance $500)

Bellator 44

Fight #1 Patricky Freire v.s Micheal Chandler 

My bet- $50 on Freire @-105 to win $47.62.

 I actually intended to bet on Chandler before I saw the odds because I assumed that he would be a huge dog due to the fact that Freire has built up an out of this world highlight reel lately, so I was shocked to see Freire at -105. Sure Chandler can take him down and GnP for 3 rounds but at -105 I like Freire chances of catching him with a hard shot or a flying knee.

Fight #2 Alexander Schlemenko v.s Brett Cooper

My bet- $100 on Shlemenko @-170 to win $58.82.

 I think this is easy money and I was tempted to put even more on this fight but want to play it smart. In my opinion Schlemenko is highly under rated. He took everything Lombard could throw at him and hung in there for 5 rounds; if Lombard can't stop him I really doubt Cooper has much of a chance. While I see Schlemenko as highly under rated I can't think of many more over rated then Cooper. I know that no one has him pegged as a potential world beater but this is a guy who is still living off of TKOing Rory Markham. That is his hallmark win and in hindsight it doesn't look like much of a feat. Cooper is a regional fighter at best, getting stopped by Spiritwolf doesn't give me much confidence that he can last very long in this fight. I say Schlemenko stops him with strikes within 2.

Ok there you have it. Sorry this one is so close to the event, I will try to do these a little further out in the future so I can get your feedback.

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