MMAMania Money Pool Season 3 Finale

Did anyone check out playground yet?  Did you happen to see on the site leaderboard that our friend Ulf Murphy came flying out of the gates?  Let's see if that luck holds up when it matters.  Detroitdrew choked and allowed Two_words to sneak into the money again.


Season 3 is finally in the books.  I'm very disappointed to say that ViolentMike was able to keep his hold onto the top spot.  I'm as angry with myself as I am with all of you.  I would like to remind Mike that I beat his ass in all of the last three events this season, and I am taking the money back in season 4.  The 50 dollar bet is renewed and this time you're paying, dick.


We have had a big jump in the membership numbers for next season.  As a group we will decide how to pay winners.  In the next recruitment fanpost there will be a vote on payouts.  Don't miss your chance to vote.




  1. 511  ViolentMike  64/88  73%
  2. 499  Two Words  61/88  69%
  3. 492  BNF              63/88  72%               
  4. 473  jayw27    56/88  64%
  5. 471  DetroitDrew 63/88 72%
  6. 448  freenow82  58/88  66%                  
  7. 428  Felix (mexi, Mclovin75)   48/78  62%
  8. 416 DavidW-S     57/86  66%
  9. 397 Deuce02  55/88   63%
  10.  10.    389 Kevin(formerly known as kevjack115) 49/88  56%

     11.    366 Ricky Dooby  48/88 55%

               12.    332  sarah-    48/88    55%                 13.   285  taporsnapbons  41/66  62%                   14    237  Onemansyn   35/66  53%                            
    15.    172  McArthur  24/42    58%
    16.      31  ODHGC  5/10   50%

    Anyone interested in next season can email me at





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