Beware Nick Diaz: Paul Daley is a great striker, but a dirty fighter

Photo by Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images

Paul Daley doesn't just illegally hit people after the bell when the world is watching, but he also tries to poke their eyes out when he thinks it isn't.

Jake Shields, who submitted "Semtex" under the Elite XC banner back in Oct. 2008, tells that Daley is "known" to be a "dirty fighter." In fact, Shields reveals that Daley resorted to eye gouging to thwart takedowns in their title fight not too long ago.

Here's his story:

"He's a dirty fighter. That's already kind of known but when I was shooting on him, he tried to put his fingers in my eyes and mouth and stuff. Other than that, he's a great striker without really good jiu-jitsu and I don't think he's really changed too much since I fought him, I think he's pretty much stayed the same."


Daley, of course, received a "lifetime ban" from UFC President Dana White after he clocked Josh Koscheck with a cheap shot after their fight ended with "Kos" wrestling his way to a frustrating unanimous decision win.

The punishment did little to deter Daley -- who has won four straight fights since the infraction -- from singing a different tune, saying that a win over Strikeforce Welterweight Champion Nick Diaz tonight would be another "kick in the teeth" to those in the Zuffa organization who don't like him.

But will he be able to curb stomp White and Co. when all is said and done? Shields, a Diaz training partner, doesn't seem to think his plan is going to come together.

His prediction:

"... if Nick decides to take him down, he can make it an easy fight, but if they stand and bang, it could be a hell of a war. Which could be good for the fans, but not necessarily the smartest approach for Nick. But Nick likes to make his own decisions so we'll see what he does.... I think Nick's going to stand and trade with him for a couple rounds and then wear him down and end up submitting him or knocking him out later on."

Win, lose, draw or dirty disqualification, it's going to be real interesting to watch the drama unfold later this evening.

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