Is Ryan Bader broken?


The Arizona Combat's best product is a former Ultimate Fighter winner and a very respectable 12-1. His only loss was against newly-crowned UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon 'Bones' Jones at UFC 126.

Bader remained pretty quiet in the weeks following the loss because the way he lost can be listed as pure domination. He looked his absolute poorest in the biggest fight thus far. He was beaten in every aspect and the one aspect he alledgedly had the edge, wrestling was snuffed aswell

Bader finally made time for a call-out to former UFC light-heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz. The fight has now been tentatively booked forr UFC 132  on July 2nd, 2011.

By calling out a man who has not had a win since 2006 and his last being win over Ken Shamrock has made me question Bader's compete level

Ryan Bader took the more lucartive approiach to break in to the UFC by entering the Ultimate Fighter season 8 in 2008.


He ran rough-shot through the competition and beating Vinny Magahaes at the finale by way of TKO (strikes). The win was his first huge win and it could not be on any bigger stage for an a inspiring fighter.

Bader would continue his roll with decision wins over Carmelo Marrero and UFC vet Eric Schafer. His next two opponents were a lot stiffer


He would go one on one with Jackson's MMA product Keith Jardine at UFC 110 in Sydney, Australia. The UFC debut down under proved to be a success for Bader. A powerful overhand right knocked out Jardine in fashion. The knockout so far had been his only one to date.

Bader then faced a rugged old Pride fighter in Minotoro Nogueira in what would be his hardest fight. For a couple fights now Lil Nog has been the bar in which young guys need to pass to cut their teeth. As recently as Phil Davis at UFC Fight Night 24 passed the test.

For 3 rounds Bader grinded and grinded his way to a wrestling based decision. The fight was lacklustre and a prime oppitunity for Bader to prove his worth in the light heavyweight division gone to waste.

The following fight would be his biggest.

The fans in past have clamoured for a fight between the very best in young talent. Months prior the UFC fans were dying to see Cain Velasquez vs. Junior Dos Santos to determine who fought Brock Lesnar after UFC 116. The fans voice was not heard as Cain was the sole contender to face Brock Lesnar.

In boxing this past year featured undefeated Timothy Bradley facing undefeated Devon Alexander. The boxing world had two undefeated Americans to duke it for supremacy. The fight ended by way of cut and it went to the scorecards giving Timothy Bradley a decision. A huge let down for bxoing would not plague MMA's closest resemblance at UFC 126.


The two best prospects would face off without the drama that's hindered boxing for so many years. The hype of Jon 'Bones' Jones vs. the promising Ryan Bader would decide a fork in their paths.

For 2 rounds Jon Jones demolished Bader in every single aspect and the one people gave Bader the edge in, wrestling. 'Bones' choked the life from Bader and sent themselves into two very different paths. The fight world had seen one of the most talked about prospects get eaten alive with ease by someone who was only 'hype'


Jones was offered a shot at Mauricio Rua's UFC light heavyweight championship while, Bader quietly exited. The world didn't even seem to remember that before Jones he was undefeated and after was still 12-1.

Ryan Bader made a move that we all must examine as why. He called out Tito Ortiz in a very weird way to make a comeback after a tough loss.

Why call out someone who seemingly is no longer relevant?

Ryan Bader is unquestionably doubting a whole lot at this point to take such a dive. If you ask me he should of waited and called Forrest Griffin or even Phil Davis. He needs something that drives him to get better and come back strong

Yes Bader was in fact looked out of his league against Jon Jones but now he has a feel for what he is capable of. He can get back to the drawing board and see what he needs to do to implement his game plan.

If Ryan Bader continues to not want to face elite talent on a consistent basis i will be sadly wrong about what i thought he had to offer MMA.

People don't realize how fragile the pyscheof a fighter really is. At one second you could be on top of the world andone second later laying flat out cold. Mark kerr was on top and soon the fear of getting hurt and drug use took it's toll upon him.

He was the 'smashing machine' and then he was laying face first because he had knocked himself out during a take down attempt.

Georges St.Pierre even seeked a therapist after his loss of the welterweight title against Matt Serra at UFC 69. The loss had him shook because he was in fact an overwhelming favorite who got smashed down by a heavy underdog.

Is Ryan Bder needing professional help or does he just need to be willing to sacrifice it all in his pursuit of the light-heavyweight strap.

His upcoming fight we shall see which Ryan Bader comes to fight. Will it be the aggressive Bader who let's his hands fly or will he resort to take downs and hold top position. A big statement must be made and if you ask me, he NEEDS a knockout to stay on the radar.

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