Greg Jackson: Every UFC light heavyweight has the tools to beat Jon Jones


World-renowned mixed martial arts (MMA) trainer Greg Jackson has been in the corner of many top ranked competitors. Georges St. Pierre, Rashad Evans and Shane Carwin are just a few highly regarded fighters Jackson has accompanied to the Octagon.

Another top ranked fighter under Jackson's wing is current Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight title-holder Jon Jones.

Jackson tells Pro MMA Radio what impressed him the most about Jones' dominating victory over Mauricio Rua at UFC 128.

"I think what impressed me most about Jones' performance is him kind of getting a little bit tired in the first and second round and [being] able to calm down, take a deep breath and turn it on a whole other level in that third round. When I looked over the fight, he did the game plan perfectly, he shut down everything we needed to shut down, but the ability to be able to be a little bit out of breath and be able to recover so dramatically really impressed me."

While Jackson is impressed with "Bones," he says that everything is a slow and steady process.

"I'm never satisfied. You never want to walk away because to me this whole thing is a process. He gets the wins and all the accolades, the world title. I don't have anything to do with that. For me it's all about the process so as soon as he's done fighting I just want to get back to that process again and improve him."

Jones is quickly becoming a superstar and an elite MMA fighter at the age of 23. Fellow trainer Mike Winkeljohn recently said Evans has the tools to break Jones.

Jackson believes you can make the case for any top 205-pounder.

"Everybody on that list is dangerous. I think everybody has the tools to win. Rashad certainly does. If "Rampage" catches you with a big punch he's got the tools. Everybody's got the tools to win."

The animosity between Jones and Evans has shown no signs of slowing down but Jackson has never been one to lose his cool when plans go awry.

So it comes as no surprise that Jackson is making an attempt to let cooler heads prevail while the former teammates engage in a war of words.

"Rashad Evans is definitely one of the most talented and amazing fighters I've ever had the pleasure and honor to work with. With that situation, I'm staying out of it. It's not that I don't want to deal with that situation or anything, it's just that my principle at this point with those two guys in particular is that I'm gonna stay out of their fight until it's done and then hopefully everybody will shake hands and be friends again."

Evans says Jackson brought Jones on the team against his wishes, but Jackson says he would never do such a thing and "Suga" had no qualms with the decision to have "Bones" on board.

"If Rashad Evans said to me ‘Greg I absolutely do not want Jon Jones on the team, no way,' where in any of my 16 year history would I have been like ‘Oh yeah the heck with that I'm just gonna bring him on the team anyway?' There's nothing about me that says that. I've never done that before and I've never done that since."

Jackson trains a lot of top contenders who are gunning for a world title in the same weight class. The 2010 Coach of the Year says he hopes to avoid internal problems within the camp in the future.

"We have already talked to the other coaches about it. We need to never have this happen again and never have one of our fighters feel like he's been abandoned. I want to make sure that we learn from this situation and become stronger from it."

A theme at the Jackson camp has always been the family atmosphere. While Jackson may be the leader of this family, he didn't know Evans was going to file for divorce.

"I had no idea and I was surprised. I didn't agree with the statement and I was hoping to address it and deal with it in a way but it caught me by surprise. It snowballed out of control really quickly."

For more on Jackson, check out's exclusive presentation of Pro MMA Radio by clicking here.

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