UFC 129 Who's the Favorite, Who's the Underdog?



UFC 129 is going to be biggest event in UFC history(Literally biggest) This event is very interesting, especially the fact that every fight on the main card is a shoe-in for FOTN(although to a lesser extent, the Brilz and Janitor fight), This card is stacked top to bottom, and if these are the cards that Chuck Liddell can make, then we can give Mr. Joe Silva, a vacation.

This thread is used for you(Maniacs) and me(CharactersA) to choose who's the underdog in these fights, and who's the Favorite.

While Reading this thread, treat it like an amateur's thread(simply because it is) these opinions are my opinions, no one else's and I'm no expert, so don't bite my head off, Thank You.

The Main Event

Georges "Rush" St. Pierre VS Jake Shields- An intriguing fight which would have went the same way 5 years ago, as I picture it going now.

Favorite- GSP is a world class athlete, he's a once and a lifetime fighter and a true treasure in the sport, with that being said he has faced the better opposition and has the more complete skill set.

Underdog- Jake Shields is a very tough welterweight/middleweight fighter, who is completely one sided, Shields is a BJJ Blackbelt, who even though the odds are stacked against him, he could pull off the upset.

The Co-Main Event

Jose Aldo VS Mark "The Machine" Hominick- A fight between two men who have given this sport fantastic showcases of striking, resiliency and pure talent.

Favorite-Jose Aldo is a world class striker who is just as explosive in the 1st round as he is in the 5th round. Jose Aldo is a BJJ blackbelt, who is very methodical(as well as agressive), he is the more skilled striker.

Underdog- Mark Hominick is a serious striker with a slick guard, KO power and agility, but he doesn't seem to use his technicality(all the time) the way we all know he can, he has the power to KO a man in a minute, but he gets into these slugfests with other fighters, he's been submitted and he has been outwrestled.

Main Card #1

Lyoto "The Dragon" Machida VS Randy "The Natural" Couture

Favorite- Lyoto Machida- is a BJJ and Shotokan Karate blackbelt who is very methodical, he has strange movement that fighters are very confused with, Lyoto's movement is still a mystery to some and is still very dangerous.

Underdog- Randy Couture- A legend of MMA, this man has a game plan for every fight and doesn't seem to be effected at all by his age, however Couture is aging and may not be able to get Lyoto down, Machida hit's hard and can possibly knock Captain America out.

Main Card #2

Vladimir "The Janitor" Matyushenko VS Jason 'The Hitman" Brilz

Favorite- Jason Brilz- Brilz is a tough fight for anyone in LHW, he's an absolute gamer and hits pretty good as well, his scrambles make up for his wrestling which is pretty good but not fancy.

Underdog- Vladimir Matyushenko- Vlad's a tough guy, who is definitely been around in this sport and fought some of the best, but he hasn't made it big in the sport and his losses aren't nearly as close as all of Jason's recent losses.

First Fight of the Night

Mark Bocek VS Ben "Bendo" Henderson

Favorite- Mark Bocek- Bocek is a bjj blackbelt with an improving striking game, Bocek has always had impressive outings in the UFC, win or lose and he puts guys to work on the ground.

Underdog- Ben Henderson- Bendo is the more well rounded fighter, but he has had some close fights, with men I thought he could've bulldozed, his last fight was a close call and due to the "Showtime Kick", Ben lost his title in an impressive and close fight, but he's facing a man who's faced better opponents and has been surrounded by the bright lights of the UFC before.

Thank you for reading my thread. 

Remember these are my opinions, not me trying to be some super editor! Comment your underdogs, favorites in the section below. 



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