5 reasons to join the Money Pool.(31 players next season)


list of CONFIRMED players for next season:

playing again-  jay., ViolentMike, Two_Words, BNF DetroitDrew1980David W-SDeuce02kevjack115sarah-freenow82stinky~fingers

new members-  danagoPMLBigger ZinoCaptain Ernesto Murphy, Two_Wordsmagicmike Tr8kOJR,  vhw_ , TheGreg,   d*locc Newfie3AintNoSunshine, kg12,    *Californication*,   Johnny WF, MMACHAMP

thats 31 CONFIRMED so far with people still considering..

note:     These people listed above have all said thay will be playing.. backing out now will result in horrible concequences..

Season 3 of the MMAmania Money Pick'em Pool is almost in the books. If all goes as expected the defending champ from last season(BNF) or runner up Two_Words should take 1st place.. If not, a rookie(DetroitDrew) could end up with the upset(good news for those hesitant new comers).. 

Season 4 is right around the corner and entry time is ticking everyday that passes( ).. <------Next season info

This current season has 16 maniacs playing and i expect a big turn out for next season(35+). If you're still not convinced, follow me after the jump for the Top Five reasons to join next season..

5- The Fun:

While winning money is always great, competing against your fellow mma nerds that you conversate with daily is the true joy that makes this fun .. with most of the 16 players from last season playing again next season, plus the 15 or so new people already, there will definitely be recognizable regulars that u see playing..

the current season players include- VM, BNF, Drew, David, Jay, Mac, Felix, Sarah, Tap or Snap, Two-words, kevjack, Duece, Odamnm, onemansyn, Freenow & myself....

4- The TrashTalk:

Not saying you have to bring your mouth, but if you like to talk some shit and rub in how good you are, you're in the right pool.. The Mania Money Pool is a dog eat dog thread that has no hold barred rules..

3- The Challenge:

You think you know your shit? You think this will be easy peasy japaneasy?!? Well guess what! you're not betting against your dumbass friend or your uncle bob this time.. This is a sharktank filled with people just like you. knowledgeable fans that come to a mma website and read and talk mma everyday..

2- The New Commish/Payout Change:

All three seasons have been run by Kevin. As we all know Kevin is Banned(or kev'd as we now call bannings), So a regular had to step up and run next season.. That gay was jay.. With the new Commish came new Payout style which was a GREAT idea..  All the new info as well as ALL the info on how to get registered for next season can be found here~ ~ Jay is more than a trustworthy regular..

1- The chance to take on the StinkMan: 

imagine how cool and respected you would be if you actually beat me in picking mma fights.. The feeling you'd get knowing you picked better then Ricardo Dooby would be overwhelming..Im talking World Series Celebration type of feeling....... This is a chance to see how you rank on the scale of life..... Don't disappoint me by flaking out(im looking at u Murphy)... Anyone Not stepping up to the challenge WILL be looked at different... Hell, even a girl who had her hopes and dreams crushed this season is still considering playing agian.. Don't tell me u have less courage then a girl.......

Man up!~

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