JDV: MMA's Next Super Expert

John D Villarreal is MMA's next super expert. Well, at least if you ask him. I stumbled on to JDV a few weeks ago when he did a very awkward interview with Jake Shields (make sure to check this out if you haven't already) which made me concerned for Shields safety. I thought the man was a one hit wonder but apparently he's been doing this media thing for a while. This set me on a journey to find out more about one of MMA's most interesting reporters. What I found is almost more than I could handle. Only continue to read on if you're ready to have your mind blown.

John is a 4x National Powerlifting Champ. Yeah, your head is already spinning I know. He's a very interesting guy but I won't steal his thunder and I'll let him tell you about himself, courtesy of his Myspace Page:

Well, what can I say I am a interesting person. My IQ is 174 (super genius) - but you could never tell from looking at me (is that good or bad?). I am a national to world-class athlete in three sports (lifting, wrestling, & judo) - but I live a really active business and personal life. I am also 2-3 times stronger genetically than a normal man without doing anything (obivously stronger when I train). Thus, not much about me is normal. That being said I will take time and talk to anyone and am really down to earth & chill & make my life as uncomplicated - yet as FUN as possible. Most importantly I LOVE to laugh and entertain. I am often the target of my jokes. Hey, if you take yourself too seriously and can't laugh at yourself & the world you are doing something WAY wrong. Yes, I am full of layers and paradox's. Do I want to change?? Oh no, I want the world to change for needs to catch up & I am busy remaking it! So, what does this all mean & who am I really? The short story is I am a Berkeley trained lawyer who has done law, venture capital, and investment banking, in Silicon Valley for almost a decade. I focus on high tech broadly, but am an expert in video games, venture funding, and mergers and acquisitions. Now mostly I split my time between doing deals and running/starting companies. I also am a radio and televison personality and have had my own national show. I was one of the founding hosts of GameSpot TV and a regular on Silicon Spin on G4 (formerly TechTV & ZDTV). I am good on both formats (radio & TV) but like TV better since I have more to offer. Most often I do talk shows but I am really versatile. I am also a 4X National Powerlifting Champion who has trained many top professional and world class athletes including Mark McGwire and Jason Giambi. Finally, I am also heavily involved in politics & charity. Yeah, that is a lot - but that's me.

The fact that they let this man near Mark McGwire or Jason Giambi is shocking in itself.

I found out the "JDV" has his own website and his own youtube channel. John's Youtube channel and Myspace not only contain his MMA breakdowns but he has multiple financial tips which lead with "Ask A Financial Genius" as the headline. His channel also contains gems like a nine part series entitled "Ask a Super Genius - Is There a God", "The Financial Crisis", and "John D Villarreal RULES video games". I couldn't even make it thru the first minute of any of these videos.

His website contains a complete bio which is broken down into 9 sections. The bio is so long that the man must have reached self delusion of epic proportions. The sports section of his website also makes note that he was "very close to working with Nolan Ryan" and offers his contact information if you are interested in having him "represent" you.

Now, he's bringing his hyper-active and over the top antics to MMA. Let me get you acclamated to what a JDV interview with an MMA fighter looks like. Let me remind you, this guy must be considered MMA media by someone and has actually gotten interviews with guys like Cain Velasquez, Josh Koscheck, and Jake Shields. Watch and be amazed:

As if the that interview wasn't enough, JDV is now back with a rant about how only he and Cesar Gracie seem to really understand this sport. That if Shields will just listen to him, he will give Shields the keys to beating GSP. I watched the whole video but you only need to watch the first 5 minutes or so to get his rant on MMA. The rest is about how great he was at combat sports.

I am now fully jumping on the JDV bandwagon. I'm not sure if it's an act, but if it is, genius my friend. If it's not, it's even better. JDV has the KC BJJ stamp of approval and I hope to one day sit down with this MMA Super Expert and let him teach me the ways of the master.

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