Fans Interview Fighters 8: Mark Bocek Edition



Canadian Jiu-Jitsu expert and UFC lightweight contender Mark Bocek has the toughest fight of his career ahead of him next week against former WEC champ Ben Henderson.  Winning 4 out of his last 5 fights in the toughest division in all combat sports,  all of which came by submission, Mark has shown he is a dangerous opponent for anyone, especially when it gets to the ground.

Mark gladly took some time out of his training to answer a few questions for us Maniacs.   

Thanks for taking time out of your training & personal time to answer a few questions for your fans.  

Puckhead: Ben has proved to be one of the best fighters in the WEC, how do you stack the WEC LW’s compared to the UFC LW’s and as far as the fighters you have faced were would you place Ben?  

MB: Top five.

 vhw_: Do you feel a rematch against jim miller is in order? i enjoyed the hell of that fight and saw it closer than the judges, is it something you plan on pursuing?  

MB: It's not up to me, but I will fight anyone. I'm just focusing on Ben right now.
magicmike: Your BJJ prowess and teaching ability is well known throughout the BJJ community. But who are your favorite BJJ practitioners to watch, and what have you taken away simply from watching them compete? 

MB: Marcelo Garcia,Lucas Lepri, Roger Gracie, Damian Maia, Jacare, BJ Penn, Shaolin, Leo Santos, Robson Moura, Terere, Cobrinha, Saulo, Xande, Rickson.  I tried to take the best moves in all their games.
A.K: Against McLovin, a fellow jiu jitsu ace, were you planning on showing that your mat skills were superior to his? Or was that just the way the fight ended up? What is your favorite method to set up the triangle?
MB: I had no idea how that fight was gonna go, I'm used to training with rubber guard guys, I wasnt thinking, it just happened...
Newfie3: Having noticed Bendo’s inability to block the Showtime kick, do you plan on using that move against Bendo when you fight?
MB: It's not something I practice, I think my strengths will cancel out his strengths.
THORAZINE: What sports did you play growing? did you get into fights back then?
MB: No sports, I did get into a few fights, now I try to stay out of them...
Two_Words:  How did you first meet the Gracies and how would you describe rolling with Rickson?
MB: First met Royce and Rorion at a seminar in 95, Rickson in LA in 96 and Renzo in 97, Rickson's fundamentals are outstanding and when you make a mistake you pay.
Two_Words:  Have you ever submitted a Gracie in training? Or are you not allowed to say, lol?
MB: No I have not
vhw_: bjj match between lorenzo and dana, who wins it?
MB: I have no idea
vhw_: what’s your opinion on no-gi based training?
MB: Very important, especially if training for no gi events
Eduardo Cruz:  What's your relationship with Dana like?
MB:We have a good relationship, he is a very nice guy.
Eduardo Cruz:  what's the level of bjj training like in Brasilia compared to up here?
MB: More black belts, north america has alot of high level instructors who are high level competitors, but teams overall are strongest in Rio and Sao Paulo.
AintNoSunshine: Being one of the more respected jiu jitsu wizards in your division, how will you threaten a guy like Ben Henderson on the ground, a guy who has shown very good submission defense in WEC run as the promotions champion?
MB: That is a secret lol
Eduardo Cruz:  what do you think of newly-acquired Strikeforce LHW Guto Inocente?
MB: Good striker with a lot of potential
Lesnar's striking coach: which Fertitta brother is better at bjj?
MB: no idea lol...
Again Mark, thanks for your time and have a safe and healthy training camp!

It's a pleasure to answer my fans questions. Training camp is going perfect. Thank you.

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