This interview made me a Sean McCorkle fan.

sean McCorkle fan post from the UG (cut n paste):

Except for the UFC. Gotcha.

Anyway I wanted to finally take the time to address my being released from my contract with the UFC, and to answer some of the questions I keep getting asked.

A lot of people have asked me if I thought my release was "fair" considering the numerous other seemingly less popular fighters that have lost 2 or more in a row and not been cut. I'm not going to lie and say that I wasn't surprised when I got the call. I thought I'd get at least one more fight primarily because of my ability to hype fights, my fan base, and the fact that I'm in arguably the thinnest weight division.

But to say I was treated unfairly would be ridiculous. During my time with the UFC I was paid approximately 1 1/2 times what they were contractually obligated to pay me. That's without winning a Fight/KO/Submission of the night bonus in any of my fights. Where else can you work where they pay you 150% of your agreed salary for no reason other than to be generous? I can answer that for you: Nowhere.

From the drivers that pick you up at the airport, to the backstage crew, all the way up to Dana and Lorenzo, I did not meet one person who works for the UFC who wasn't cool as fuck. They gave me damn near front row seats to 4 UFC events I attended, as well as giving me awesome seats for my friends and family at all 3 events I fought at. We stayed in the nicest hotels, and our per diem was more than you'd ever spend eating.

I've been asked if I think they pushed me too fast, or if I thought I was given a fair shake considering the fact that Mark Hunt, Struve, and Morecraft aren't exactly an easy first 3 fights. What a lot of people don't know is that I specifically asked to stay away from really good wrestlers. My thought being that my takedown defense isn't spectacular, and I more than anything didn't want to be involved in any boring fights. And I think a really good wrestler and myself make for a boring fight. So that being the case, it didn't leave Joe Silva a lot of options. I believe 100% the UFC wanted me to win all 3 of my fights. I'm very marketable, I speak well on camera, and could be one of the biggest stars in the UFC if my fighting ability had been on par with my other intangibles.

I can't help but wonder how differently everything could have been if I had been able to finish Struve with that kimura, just a minute into our fight. But that's life. If I have any regret looking back, part of me wishes I hadn't accepted the Morecraft fight. I felt he was a bad matchup for me, and the most underrated fighter in the heavyweight division. I think everyone will see that I'm right in his next few fights. I just didn't want to cause any waves, and wasn't really in the position to make demands.

To all of you that ask me what Dana is like, he's pretty much exactly like you see him on his video logs. Definitely the coolest and most down to earth dude worth a couple hundred million bucks you'll ever meet.

Also, I think you guys know me well enough to know that I speak my mind regardless of the situation, so I don't think I need to say this, but I will anyway. This is not me kissing the UFC's ass trying to get back in. Number one, that's not how it works, and number two, if I never fight in the UFC again it's not going to make or break my life. Thankfully I've been blessed with a lot of options outside of fighting, and I've been through enough in my personal life in the past 2 years that if getting cut from the UFC is the worst thing that happens to me for the rest of my life, I'd be ecstatic.

I assume they don't really lurk on the UG, but I did want to take this opportunity to thank a few of the people I met along the way. First off, Burt Watson is the coolest cat you could ever meet, and one hell of a nice guy. Suzy the makeup lady is absolutely awesome. Joe Fernandez is a stud, and if I were to ever turn gay, would be just my type I would think. Lastly, I appreciate Joe Silva and Dana giving me a shot when they really had no reason to do it other than going on Monte Cox's word. Monte by the way is the best agent in the business, bar none.

Lastly, what am I going to do now? I'm looking at all my options, but I'd love to beat up Jason Guida because I don't like him, and there was no way he was ever getting to the UFC to make that fight happen, so that's one I'm chasing. I also think a fight with Sam Hoger is in order assuming someone wants to pay us what it's worth. I'm not doing it for free, and I know Sam isn't either. (Although he could probably steal enough gear at the event to subsidize his purse) I would be very interested in fighting in Japan at some point, but don't really want to have to do it in full radiation gear, so that'll have to wait. WWE/TNA is also an option I'm open to assuming I don't have to be on the road 300 nights a year. That's no kind of life, in my opinion.

That's all I have, bitches. Holla (that's what black guys say)

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