I just talked to Kev via email. He is going to make me the commissioner of the current league. All of this season's participants will not have to change the league they are in. Of course anyone born without a backbone will be removed from the league (don't let this be you Felix or Mac).

OK, the last event of season three is on the horizon and next season is starting to rev up. There will be a couple changes to the pool (most notably the commissioner).

Kevjack has been banned from participating on Mania and from what I have heard it isn't going to change. We had a couple regulars decide that with the commish not able to communicate they would like to back out. I really enjoy this pool and the trash talk that comes with it. Therefore I propose a change in the format, I would like to (with a consensus blessing) take over the league. This is a MMAMania league and I think an active participant of the site should be running this pool.

Now to the changes....

Aside from the one big one, I would also like to change a bit of the payout structure. I think if you win an event you deserve some sort of reward (this will give players a reason to continue playing after being mathematically eliminated from the season end podium). My idea is minor but adds a bit of excitement to each event.

The amount it will cost you to play remains the same 20$. However winner of each event will receive a 5$ credit. That means when/if you get the most points in any event you will get a star or asterisk beside your name. That means the league owes you 5$ out of the pool fund.

If there are 15 players that would be 300 dollars. 5 dollars per event is probably a 50 dollar deduction from the final pool fund at most. First place will receive 70% of remaining funds and second place receives 30% of funds.

I will be actively recruiting more players in the next couple weeks. Anyone that has a friend that might be interested send them our way.

The email to send your league fees is now going to be First event will be the first UFC event after the Toronto event. I will be making a fanpost or two before then.

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