Fights we wish had happened

  (editor's note, I am not disrespecting, i am simply here to inspire conversation)

 I have recently stumbled upon old match rumors from yester year and even recently.Some were meh and some created visions in my head. I think theres just some fights that i wish had occur and irregardless of timing still make me wonder "what if". Imagine if camps pushed their pupils against one another and such match ups as Jon Fitch vs. Josh Koscheck, Fedor vs. Aleksander, Henderson vs. Couture, Randleman vs. Coleman or even Miletich vs. Hughes?.

I understand that fighting a friend ain't the same as playing football against them. This is a sport and in sports you play against whomever is on your schedule. If Jon Jones defeats current light-heavyweight champion Shogun Rua why wouldn't he fight Rashad Evans?. I wouldn't grasp why Greg Jackson would not want the spotlight of the UFC on two of his pupils.You have an opportunity to fight for the championship and because, you happen to train together losing out on your goal. IF two professional athletes can't be friends after fighting but two guys for the bar can have a beer after fisticuffs is stupid.

Without further a due, my top ten fights that have never occured


10.Current Bellator Lightweight Champion Eddie Alvarez vs. Current Strikeforce Lightweight Champion Gilbert Melendez

Two of the best lightweights working for the two biggest promotions not named UFC against one another would give non-UFCchampions more respect. They bo match up well and both throwdown quite well against their respective opponents. A dream fight that may be a dream until, either's company disbands


9.Andrei Arlovski vs. Mirko Cro Cop

At one time they were most feared strikers in the UFC and Pride. Both weighing close to 230lbs moved like cats. What Andrei was to punching is Cro Cop to kicking maybe even better. Cro Cop may have faced the better fighters in the HW division at the time, Arlovski cut through his competition like a hot knife into butter. At this time, bothmen have fallen off but still beat lesser talent with a little more wear.


8.Tank Abbott vs. Ken Shamrock

The early days of the UFC featured "super fights" which were non-tournament bouts pitting the big names against one another. Two of the most charismatic were huntington beach brawler Tank Abbott and Pancrase leg lock specialist Ken Shamrock. Both have ventured into all sorts of entertainment but known mostly for their exploits in the cage. I bet if these two had been featured as a Super Fight it would've been the biggest draw until UFC 40: Shamrock vs. Ortiz.


7.Chuck Liddell vs. Dan Henderson

At UFC 17 we saw Dan Henderson win his debut fights in the UFC and Chuck Liddell win an alternate bout. An injury to any competitor that evening and these future legends collide. Two of the best at an over hand right and accomplished wrestlers would for sure be a war.


6.Jason Miller vs. Current Strikeforce lightweight champion Nick Diaz

Don';t be scared homie...........

5.Brock Lesnar vs. Fedor

The biggest heavyweight champion vs the greatest heavyweight ever. In 2007-2008 the UFC and M-1 entertained the idea of Fedor coming to the biggest MMA promotion. The goal was to set up what in my eyes would've been th biggest MMA fight in history ever. Fedor, a time tested and undersized in his weight class also happen to be MMA equal to a Michael Jordan. Brock, a MASSIVE and destroyer of men ran rough shot through his opponents like a wrecking ball. The fight will never happen at least in anytime soon but, it was close.


4.Dana White vs. Tito Ortiz on spike

For an hour everyone who called themselves an MMA fan stayed glue to the TV waiting to see if UFC President Dana White was going to box UFC antagonist Tito Ortiz. The most bitter promotion-fighter conflicts today was to be settled in a 4 round boxing affair. Tito Ortiz no showed and DW played it as if Ortiz was scared..regardless of how you feel Tito Ortiz was no way scared.


3. Ken Shamrock vs. Frank Shamrock

The brothers named Shamrock almost collided on several occasions and had teams face at IFL. My father always told me that Frank would beat up Ken with ease and i had such a hard time seeing this happen. I grew up with MMA and Pro Wrestling. Ken Shamrock was the "world's most dangerous man" and Frank estranged the sport in a weird way. After seeing the greatness that is Frank i can now see why my father said that


2.. Randy Couture vs. Fedor 

When i picture an MMA mount Rushmore these two would be embodied upon it. Some look at Fedor's record and see a dominance unmatched by anyone in the HW division. Some look at Randy Couture's record and discredit it to shreds. Both these icons are what MMA is all about, Passion and hardwork.  They have amazed us and left us wanting more after every fight. They are two of my heroes and two of the sports gems.


1.Current Welterweight champion Georges St.Pierre vs. Current UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva

The debate of P4P supremacy could be an April 30th win away from being determined. This fight will be the biggest draw in MMA history if it is to occur in the near future. The most dynamic and best could face at 185lbs if Georges St.Pierre can eradicate Jake Sheilds in Toronto after Anderson Silva KO'd Vitor Belfort in Feb. This fight will be a civil war amongst their fans and create an atmosphere like no other fight.

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