Jorge Rivera's camp wouldn't mind seeing Michael Bisping thrown out of the UFC


The drama just can't stop, won't stop.

Jorge Rivera hyped his co-main event fight at UFC 127 against Michael Bisping by taking potshots at the Brit in a series of YouTube videos that quickly went viral.

"The Count" didn't exactly appreciate the various insults "El Conquistador" was dishing out and vowed to make him pay for it come fight time.

He did just that.

But his anger may have manifested itself in the form of an illegal knee in the first round and some projectile saliva after the fight that still has the Rivera camp livid a full week after it happened.

Lex McMahon, Rivera's manager, continues to tee off on Bisping (via the Boston Herald):

"Mr. Bisping is a professional fighter. He needs to be able to differentiate between a downed opponent and a non-downed opponent. If he can't do that, he needs to not be in this sport. His conduct was irrational, hot-headed and incredibly unprofessional."

He didn't stop there, however. In fact, he thinks Bisping's actions just may call for his complete removal from the UFC.


"Mr. Bisping needs to be suspended and fined. Frankly, I wouldn't be upset to see him thrown out of the UFC. His actions aren't acceptable. If MMA is a growing sport, its fighters need to be role models. It's one thing to promote a fight, but it's an entirely different matter altogether to act in an unprofessional manner that places the health and welfare of a competitor in jeopardy."

Strong words and a rather stiff recommendation for Dana White, who has said he plans to punish Bisping for his actions after the fight, when it was alleged the Brit spit on members of Rivera's corner, most specifically, Matt Phinney, boxing coach and chief instigator.

There has been no word on what the punishment will be or when it will be handed down and it's not likely the UFC  would cut Bisping after just one infraction but how hard should they crack down?

Will a fine be enough to get the message across? Is a suspension in order? 

Or should they just go ahead and book Bisping vs. Vitor Belfort and call it even?

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