AK Fight Blog: Countdown to March 19 (Week 6)

Doomsday Clock

The AK fight blog series is a weekly journal from the fan community featuring a behind the scenes look at "AK" as he prepares for his third professional fight on March 19, 2011. Click here if you missed week five.

Weeks until fight night: Two
Current weight: 150 lbs.
Bout weight: 140 lbs.

Here we are, one week closer to my fight.

Saturday: 9:00 A.M: Wake up and eat my morning oatmeal mixed with some honey and raisins and take my supplements.

12:00 P.M: Have a snack of an orange and a banana.

12:30 P.M: Hit the gym. I start things off in the usual way, three, five-minute rounds of shadowboxing, then I jump on the treadmill for a good 30-minute run at varying speeds, but no break. After the treadmill, I go right to medicine ball slams. I do as many as I can in 30 seconds, take a 10 second break, then repeat. I do this for three minutes, then jump rope for five minutes.

After this, I do the following Plyometric exercises:

Three sets of 15 box jumps
Three sets of 10 Ninja drops-to jump squats
Three sets of 20 plyo push-ups
Zig-Zag hops for 1.5 minutes
Lateral box jumps for one minute

3:00 P.M: Head home, time to eat. Lunch is a chicken, lettuce and spinach salad with some green tea.

5:00 P.M: Eat an apple and a protein bar.

7:00 P.M: Back to the gym, for another 40-minute run. Nothing else, just running.

9:00 A.M: Wake up, feeling good. Eat a breakfast of scrambled egg whites and some whole-wheat toast washed down with a cup of green tea.

12:00 P.M: Go to the gym and do the following:

24 minutes/6k on the rower
Three, five-minute rounds on the heavy bag
Three sets of 20 overhand pull-ups
Three sets of 20 underhand pull-ups
Three sets of 15 hanging full-body curls
Three sets of two-minute sky-divers
Three sets of eight dumbell presses, heavy weight

2:30 P.M: Lunch is steamed rice, broccoli and carrots.

5:00 P.M: Snack of some granola, dried blueberries and dried cranberries.

8:00 P.M: Drink a protein shake and eat a small salad.

10:00 P.M: Head to bed early.

7:00 A.M: Wake up, feeling good. Dreamt of the fight last night. A good dream. My breakfast is a bowl of Greek yogurt mixed with fresh blueberries and strawberries.

10:00 A.M: Snack of a protein bar.

12:30 P.M: Lunch is a chicken breast with rice and steamed peas and broccoli.

3:00 P.M: Snack is an apple and an orange.

4:30 P.M: Head home.

6:00 P.M: Dinner is a lettuce, spinach and chicken salad with a protein shake.

8:00 P.M: Practice.
Tonight’s practice was a great mix of technique and hard work. After a warm-up of running laps, swimming with a partner, and some plyo/ab workouts, the first half of practice was spent working a flow of quarter reversal, to side control, to mount/striking, to submissions.

After working that for about an hour, it's time for some live sparring rounds. Tonight we sparred lots of rounds, but only three minutes each, with a 20-30 second break in between. We did this so I could get lots of different looks with lots of different sparring partners and so we could keep the intensity of each round high to push our cardio. After our rounds of sparring, I ended the night with a 10-minute long roll.

Felt great tonight. Really, really great. This dude doesn't know what's in store for him.

11:00 P.M: Shower, drink a protein shake, go to bed. Lay there for quite awhile, playing out how the fight is gonna go in my head. The only thing I can compare this feeling to is being an 8-year old kid again, waiting for Christmas morning.

7:00 A.M: Wake up, a little sore from the rounds of sparring but otherwise great. Have some oatmeal with honey and granola for breakfast, then it's off to work for this desk jockey.

10:00 A.M: Snack of some fat-free cottage cheese and an apple

12:30 P.M: Lunch is a turkey, spinach and salsa wrap with some green tea.

3:00 P.M: A protein bar makes a cardboard-ey snack.

4:30 P.M: Head home.

5:30 P.M: Head to the gym. Start things off in the usual way, three, five-minute rounds of shadowboxing, followed by 30 minutes on the stationary bike. Then I do the following:

Three sets of dumbell squats
Three sets of 50 calf presses (very light weight, about 170 lbs, very fast reps)
Three sets of 10 weighted lunges
Three sets of 12 standing cable flys
Three sets of eight weighted rows, heavy weight
Three sets of 12 kettle bell swings
Three sets of 10 bicep curls
Three sets of 10 tricep dips
Three sets of 10 hanging leg lifts

8:00 P.M:
Head home, shower up and eat a couple chicken breasts and a salad. Read a few chapters of both "The Art of War" and "The Fighter's Mind." Both great reads. If you haven't picked "The Art of War" up by now, do it. You won’t be disappointed.

10:00 P.M: Watch a few of the UFC events that I’ve got on DVD and wish I could strike like some of these guys do. Hell I wish I could do anything like some of these guys do. Damn, Hughes was a beast back in the day. And has anyone ever beat down "Mayhem" Miller like GSP did?

12:00 A.M: Bed.

7:00 A.M: Wake up, shower up, eat my breakfast (Special K Protein Plus today) take my supplements and head to work.

10:00 A.M: Eat a snack of some Greek yogurt and an apple.

12:30 P.M: Lunch is some steamed rice with chicken and broccoli, with some green tea.

3:00 P.M: Snack on some dried apricots and roasted almonds.

4:30: Head home

5:30: Head to the gym. Do 45 minutes on the treadmill and 30 minutes on the stationary bike. This is followed by three sets of plyo-push-ups until failure and some oblique/front planks, two minutes each. Some medicine ball slams, box jumps and sprints round out my gym session today.

8:00 P.M: Head home, down a protein shake and some almonds, take a shower.

10:00 P.M: Eat some fat-free cottage cheese while I watch tape on my opponent (for the last time) and go to bed.

7:00 A.M: Wake up, still feeling great. The old injury is a little stiff, but nothing I can’t handle. Shower up and eat some oatmeal mixed with honey and blueberries this morning.

10:00 A.M: Another protein bar for a snack.

12:30 P.M: Lunch is a wrap of chicken, spinach and salsa with a side of cottage cheese.

3:00 P.M: An apple and a banana make a snack.

4:30 P.M: Head home

6:00 P.M: Bum around the apartment, make a spinach, lettuce, and chicken salad and watch that old Primetime "GSP vs. BJ Penn" special. I love that thing. None of the other episodes compare to that one. How can you not respect these guys’ mindsets?

8:00 P.M: Practice
We start things off tonight with some shadowboxing, body-weight squats and swimming. Then we do some drills. We focus tonight on starting off with striking, moving in to clinch, then taking it to the ground. Example: I start off with my partner holding focus mitts and throwing jabs.

I slip the jab and circle out, or slip the jab and counter. After two rounds of this, I slip the jab and move immediately into clinch or shoot for a double then move up to clinch. Once in clinch, we clinch-fight. Battle for position, look for snap-downs and throw light knees whenever we can.  After two rounds of working in clinch, we take our opponent to the ground and immediately move to a dominant position.

Once in dominant position, we work strikes, then let our opponent sweep us. From our backs, we work submissions and sweeps. This goes on for about an hour and a half, just constantly working different positions and getting different looks. Then it's time for more sparring rounds. Today is quite a bit harder than Monday.

We do three, five-minute rounds and I get a new partner ever 2.5 minutes. We work on response-actions. What I mean by this is as I’m sparring, my head trainer will randomly yell out instructions and no matter where we are at, I have to take it to where coach tells me to.

If I'm on the ground, getting pounded in the face and coach yells "clinch" I need to stand my ass up and immediately get to clinch (either over-under control, double-under control or the plum) without letting my opponent get enough space to separate and strike on the way up. If we are striking and my coach yells "ground" I need to immediately get my opponent on his back.

This gets tiring and it's somewhat rough of a session since we're only wearing the MMA gloves and no headgear or shin pads. I stick with two of the veterans in the gym, cause I don't want a wild newbie breaking my nose two weeks before the fight.

Although tired, I felt really good after these rounds. I landed some real nice combos and had some real nice scrambles/transitions. I literally can’t wait for March 19.

10:30: Go home, shower up, eat some rice and broccoli and head to bed.

7:00 A.M: Wake up, shower, eat some scrambled egg whites and whole-wheat toast and head off to work. My face is burning, I've got some friction burns from the gloves last night and a few bruises. Feels great though.

10:00 A.M: An apple and an orange (please, don’t compare the two, it never ends well) make a great snack.

12:30 P.M: A big lettuce, spinach and chicken salad with a side of cottage cheese make up my lunch (Mostly lettuce and spinach, but still good).

3:30 P.M: Some almonds and raisins is gonna be my snack.

4:30 P.M: Gonna go home.

5:00 P.M: Gonna go to the gym and focus on cardio. Most likely shadowboxing, some sprints, then a long run on the treadmill. Some body-weight exercises will close things out.

8:00 P.M: Gonna go to "The Adjustment Bureau" with some buddies/training partners. Looks good!

This was a great week Maniacs. I’m trying to keep my weight right at 150 or 151, which is kinda like balancing on the blade of a knife. My strength and cardio feel great, my striking is on point and my grappling is coming along really well.

I just want to fight. That leads me to wonder, what exactly is wrong with me? Who looks forward to getting locked in a cage in fighting? Man, fighters are dumb. Only two weeks to go!

Anyone happen to have a Delorean in their garage?

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