Weighing Options: How to eliminate "weight cheating"


Over the last couple weeks there have been out crys against Jon Jonesbeing allegedly being allowed to fight in the light-heavyweight division since he is over 220 pounds following his re hydration from the cut.There have been stories about UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva cutting from an astonishing 230 pounds to the max limit of 185 pounds for middleweight. If these stories are true, how would we correct that problem or is it just a fact of the sport

Boxing has very restrictive weigh ins where you have to weigh in on the day of the fight. In MMA you have wrestlers known for crazy weight cuts up to a fight to be the biggest dog in the yard. The cardio capacity needed for MMA and boxing is also quite different so slimming from 200lbs and being 185 pounds hours before the fight would hurt the fighter far too much to perform at 100%.

I have come up with a solution or at least an idea

After the jump of course

A fighter cannot exceed weight to the point that he becomes eligible in other weight classes.Do a weigh-in 12 hours before the fight and see if fighter a moved from the 155 pounds and past another weight class of 170 pounds.

The weigh-ins are usually the Friday before the UFC event on Saturday night. Let's say that Fighter A weighs in at the max limit for lightweight at 155lbs.

12 Hours before the scheduled fight he does his second weigh in and is 173 pounds. He will lose out on a % of his purse or the fight may be cancelled.

If Fighter B weighs in at 155 pounds on the Friday weigh in and weighs in at 168 pounds for his 2nd weigh in then he stays within the fight without penalty

UFC defines lightweight as anyone between 146 pounds to 155 pounds.

Based upon my idea for the second weigh in the fighter may weigh up to 170 pounds after re hydration but not exceed the next weight class. The UFC welterweight division weight limit has a max limit of 170 pounds.

For heavyweight the weight low to max is very big ( 206 pounds to a max of 265 pounds) My solution is make the change from 206 pounds since we've never seen a heavyweight weigh in at any where between 206-210 pounds to 220 pounds to 265 pounds an a max re hydration of 285 pounds.

Maniacs, any ideas to include? or see if you like where this one is at and build upon it?

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