Dan Hardy wants death or glory and an old school shootout with Chris Lytle

via cdn2.sbnation.com

If you want blood, you've got it.

That's because Dan Hardy wants it too and he's ready to put his sweat and tears into one last shot at glory. To hell with records and rankings, "The Outlaw" wants to fight for the sake of fighting.

Thankfully, he's found a partner to do-si-do with in the form of Chris Lytle.

"Lights Out" accepted Hardy's initial challenge, commenting that he would love to "just get out there and bang." That's music to the Brit's ears after he recently suffered through a three-round grapplefest against Anthony Johnson at UFC Fight Night 24 in Seattle.

Of course, this fantasy match-up is contingent on whether or not company President Dana White allows Hardy to keep his job after three straight losses in the Octagon.

Can he be swayed by the continued insistence of two of his most exciting fighters? After Lytle accepted the challenge, Hardy again reiterated to Duane Finley why the match-up makes too much sense not to make.

"That's exactly why I'm a fan of Mr Lytle, and thats exactly why the fans love him. He has the attitude all fighters should have, come to fight or don't come at all. I'm sick of worrying about records and rankings, it takes the fun out of it for me. I just want fights that the fans will talk about in years to come. Old school shootouts, blood, sweat and tears, death or glory."

After a statement like that, it's clear why Dana White "f*cking loves this kid." However, it's entirely possible the bossman could be worried about getting burned.

Sure, Lytle and Hardy are talking big now, promising to stand and trade punches until "death or glory." But is that not exactly what we heard in the lead-up to the Brit's last fight against Anthony Johnson?

We all remember how that turned out.

Johnson elected not to "rumble" but to wrestle his way to a decision victory, much to the chagrin of the many fans that tuned in specifically to see that fight.

That said, the passboard runs on statistics and no one has a better track record than Chris Lytle. His five "Fight of the Night" awards are a testament to his style and propensity to leave it all in the cage.

Just like a certain "Outlaw" who's looking for one last chance to roll the dice.

Why not give it to him?

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