UFC 129: Randy Couture's last fight may be against Lyoto Machida ... maybe


Randy Couture is the Brett Favre of MMA.

He retired once, following a knockout loss to Chuck Liddell at UFC 57, only to come back and win the heavyweight championship. A spat with his employers nearly forced him into retirement a few years ago and he's recently been flirting with the idea once again.

He even went so far as to say that unless he was given a fight against Mauricio Rua or Lyoto Machida, he was hanging 'em up.

Well, the powers that be took notice and obliged him in the form of his current booking at UFC 129 on April 30 in Toronto against "The Dragon." A win would give "The Natural" four in a row and surely catapult him into title contention -- right?

Not necessarily.

That's because "Captain America" is, yet again, contemplating his future. And this time just might finally be the last time, as he told ESPN (via Fighters Only):

"There's a big chance this is my last fight. I'm not going to be making any official announcements, I don't think anybody would buy it - I already did that once! But I'm in terrific shape, I'm feeling confident about Lyoto and dialing into the attack and how we're going to get our hands on him. There's a lot of other things calling me now, and there's a chance this is the last one.I've got several other movies lined up, The Expendables 2 is coming up in September, and I've got my other businesses like the clothing company and the extension of the gym… Frankly, I'm tired of grinding it out, it's time to enjoy life."

Even the ageless wonder gets tired and it would seem he is finally ready to enjoy life after MMA. Who can blame him?

His career dates all the way back to 1997, when he made his professional debut at the ripe old age of 33 years-old. He's been hanging around the top ever since, having participated in more championship fights than any other fighter in UFC history.

If this is really the end, Couture will go out as a five-time, count 'em, five-time champion spanning two separate weight classes against competition typically much younger and more athletic than himself.

Not bad for an old man, huh?

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