Thiago Silva news?

According to Wikipedia this is the latest news:

Silva fought Brandon Vera on January 1, 2011 at UFC 125. He won by unanimous decision after dominating Brandon Vera on the ground using ground and pound and Palm Strikes which resulted in Vera's nose being very badly broken.

Silva was expected to face the former light heavyweight champion Quinton Jackson on May 28, 2011 at UFC 130, although there were rumors that the fight had been canceled due to injury or failed drug tests from his UFC 125 bout. In a statement with Brazilian MMA site Tatame, Thiago denied that he was injured; "Injured? Me? I’m very healthy. That’s not true and looks like the NSAC did two tests, one was positive and the other negative. My blood is clean, I'm calm, took nothing."

Following this statement, Keith Kizer, the commissioner of the NSAC, confirmed that Thiago Silva’s samples are still undergoing tests; "That’s not accurate. We have gotten only the first sample back. It could be weeks before we find out the results for the second test.". The UFC didn't want to take any chances in waiting for the second test for Silva, so they replaced Silva with Matt Hamill.

Now I know that anybody can edit a wikipage, so I take everything I read on there with a grain of salt. But does anybody know ANYTHING else about this situation?

I've heard some speculation from him not taking anything and they got some of the urine sample mixed up to Thiago taking PEDS's, "Horse Tranquilizers", and prescription pain killers for his forever ailing spinal problems.

Now I admit i'm a bit biased because i'm a huge fan of his not only because of his exciting style but becuase I can relate with his backstory and childhood. But he just doesn't seem like the type of guy that would take any type of PED's. I mean the man faught Rashad Evans with three herniated discs in his spine and still almost won the fight after being laid on for 14mins. But like I said before I am somewhat biased and all I wanna know are some type of facts on this whole situation.


P.S: To everyone out there calling Thiago a "heel" because of the way he acted in the ring with Vera... Just remember that it was Vera who started the showboating first when he knocked Thiago down and threw his arms up in the air like Muhammad Ali would taunting his opponent. So then Thiago retaliated by playing with Vera's back like bongos


So anybody that has heard anything related to this please voice it on this thread. I'm sure i'm not the only one who has some intrest in the matter anyways.

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