Year End UFC Champions

Okay, I know that today is supposed to be the MW results with the WW ballot. However, this Saturday's event has caused me to switch my game up a little bit. My sig a little while ago stated who I believed would be champion in the UFC Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight division by the end of 2011. My Light Heavyweight pick has already come through, as Jonny "Bones" Jones ran through Shogun Rua at UFC 128 this past weekend. My Heavyweight pick was Brock Lesnar; that is yet to be seen. I wanted to hear all of your opinions on who you think will be holding the strap in all 7 weight classes come New Year's. Will any change hands? Will a few? Will Anderson and Georges be vacating their belts in the next 8 months? No one knows for sure. But everyone has their opinions. Below are mine. Let's hear yours...


Heavyweight: Brock Lesnar - So his hype train got derailed in a BIG way against Cain Velasquez. But I am under the assumption that getting his ass kicked hurt his ego and lit a fire in him. I can't see him NOT playing to his strengths now. I see Brock outmuscling JDS for a GnP victory in June, and then doing the same (though definitely having a harder time doing so) to Cain in the rematch and taking back the belt that was once his.

Light Heavyweight: Jon Jones - No one can beat this kid. Not Shogun, not Shad, not Page, not Machida, not Davis, not Couture...No. One. Maybe one day someone will come along who has the skills or the style to hang with Bones, but as of right now, and assuredly for the next 8 months, this person does not exist. We never saw the "Machida Era." We will see the "Bones Era." Count on it.

Middleweight: Anderson Silva - It obviously depends on this whole vacating thing. Something tells me that this title won't be getting vacated before year's end, though, especially if this Okami fight happens. Even if it happens, I don't see Anderson getting beat. Okami's best gameplan would be to come with the same one as Sonnen's, and Andy would surely have better defense for it this time.

Welterweight: Georges St-Pierre - This also depends on him moving up to fight Anderson. I doubt it's going to happen, though, and I can honestly see this fight with Shields next month being the last time we see GSP fight in 2011.

Lightweight: Anthony Pettis - This was my ballsiest, and hardest, pick. I think if Maynard beats Edgar, he would also beat Pettis. I also think that Clay Guida is an interesting style matchup for "Showtime" and has a good shot to win that fight. But finally, I think the stars will align for this bright young talent. I see him besting Guida, Edgar besting Maynard, as well, and Anthony "Showtime" Pettis coming away with the strap in an exciting matchup with Frankie Edgar in the last quarter of this year.

Featherweight: Jose Aldo - There's simply no one to contend with him currently in the UFC 145 pound division. Every time someone fights this guy, people say that "________" has the style to give him problems. News flash - no one has given him any problems yet. His biggest test right now, in my opinion, would be Kenny Florian, and though that fight may happen this year, and KenFlo could push him harder than he's ever been pushed before, I think he'd survive the challenge.

Bantamweight: Dominick Cruz - Regardless of whether he coaches TUF with Faber or not, Cruz will enjoy his title reign through the end of 2011, at least. If that fight happens this year, I think that Cruz has simply come into his own and evolved too much for Urijah at this stage of his career, and will most likely outpoint him to a decision victory. Also, there is a very good chance that those two WILL be coaching TUF, in which case that fight won't be happening until 2012 anyway.


Sidenote: MW ballot results and WW fanpost will be posted next week. Happy Monday everyone...

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