The UFC got me depressed.... Settle your sig bets here winners!



Man - I am depressed today. Really down in the dumps, bored and depressed.


I don't know why... Such a great day of fights yesterday and then back to work today. It's still all i can think about!


I feel the depression may be from such an anticlimax from such a HUGE fight. This was one of the biggest fights I have been waiting for. Can't work out why or what attracted me so much to it but it was a sense of history in the making. Now I'm just bored. After this what do we have next?!


Well I for one don't want to think about what's next... I want to revel in the win that was from Jones. I don't want to read about how Jones was dirty, how he's cocky, how Shogun wasn't himself coming off an injury....



I want to open up this post for a bit of nostalgia... Settle your sig best here guys - Bash on the Rua nuthuggers for even choosing him - Talk about what a great day of fights it was and help me get through this painful work day with my mind LESS than PRESENT!!!



Oh and PHASEBOOK - where are you?! You have a sig to update :p



On to it Maniacs and while I have the podium just want to give a shout out to AK - Nice win bro - Love to see a video!

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