Evans vs. Jackson Submission Wrestling



  On March 19th 2011, the UFC crowned a new light-heavyweight champion in Jon Jones after flawless performance against a gutsy Shogun Rua. The fight last a little over 2 rounds and this could have ended much sooner if not Rua's heart pouring itself dry. Jones, thought to be pure hype and a flash in the pan proved to be the real deal before the Newark,NJ audience.

  The moments following his coronation speech planted the seeds for what will be the most emotional and talked about story in MMA for quite sometime.

  Shortly, after becoming the champion Jones was met face to face with the original 205lb kingpin from the much heralded Jacksons Submission camp. Rashad Evans was announced as the newt to face Jon Jones and he has "bones" about it. He admits it's an awkward situation but he knows his goal is to be champion at all costs.

  We all have heard the no-no of teammates fighting one another but, this is for the world title and Evans wants nothing less. He spoke with AOL MMA reporter Ariel Helwanni and advised him that he is "done" with Jacksons and will pursue a new camp in preparation for Jones. He has stated that he has trained with Jones and has the tools to beat Jones.

  Rashad Evans trained under Greg Jackson and was an institute at Jacksons until, the younger Jon Jones signed up for camp. Jones, began to steamroll like Vitor Belfort did in his early career but, better overall. The tides began to become rough as soon as Rashad could no longer fight at UFC:128 and Jones took the shot instead. The rest of the story you know up to now.

  The interview with AOL was poignant as we basically saw Evans pour his emotions before us. He feels like the warrior having to prove his mentor (Jackson) wrong by defeating the man (Jones) who took his spot  in New Mexico. The fight leading up will be something special as we will see why it is so hard to have a camp fight amongst themselves.

  If Evans can defeat Jones, what will transpire behind closed doors at Jackson's? and if Jones retains in fashion what will Jackson feel?. This is something we only get to see in a movie or television.

WHATS YOUR SAY MANIACS? Are you excited for this and does Evans vengeance story get you pumped up for the end of the Jones era?

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