Nate Marquardt: Michael Bisping is an ass and I would love to punch him in his mouth


We can add one more name to the growing list of fighters who have called out Michael Bisping -- Nate Marquardt.

That list, which is growing too long to even "count," is populated with middleweights that are champing at the bit to blast another hole in the Brit's face, or at least shut the one he currently has. 

So what did he do that has the Greg Jackson fighter all up in a fuss?

Well, for starters, the normally quiet and well-meaning Marquardt isn't too keen on Bisping's style, namely the fact that he seems to suffer from diarrhea of the mouth. However, it was his spitting on Jorge Rivera's corner following his technical knockout victory at UFC 127 that was the straw that broke the camel's back.

With UFC 128 so close to kicking off, where Nate will take on Dan Miller, the media is lurking around every corner, with a microphone and a recorder, waiting for a "great" quote.

And at the "Shogun vs. Jones" open workouts yesterday, Marquardt gave them one (via

"I would love to fight that guy just to punch him in his mouth and shut him up. That'd be nice. He's an ass, he's a total punk, just no respect. I don't like Bisping. The crap talking and whatever, that's one thing. Guys hype up fights. And even guys that are just like that naturally, I don't hold that against them. But the fact that he goes and spits in his opponent's corner? That's so disrespectful. That's not what a martial artist does and it's not what a sportsman does."

Of course, Marquardt has a very game Dan Miller to be thinking about on March 19 in New Jersey before any talk of a potential match-up between he and Bisping can get serious.

But there's certainly nothing wrong with getting a head start.

And considering the fact that UFC President Dana White elected not to suspend "The Count" for the spitting incident that has Nate so up in arms, Marquardt could very well be booked against Bisping in his next fight. 

That is, if he can get past Miller on Saturday.

Anyone digging the idea of this match-up?

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