Lorenzo Fertitta: "Elbows on the ground will be allowed in Strikeforce"


So far after wading through all the speculation on the fantasy match ups, contract and organization switching and the rumors of the heavyweight tournament there is one thing that we know is a certainty. Strikeforce will now be following the Unified Rules including elbows to a downed opponent which previously was illegal under Strikeforce rules.

"The one change we're going to make as promoter of the show is to use the unified rules that you see in the UFC...elbows on the ground will be allowed in Strikeforce," Fertitta said, a position that makes sense. He has a lot invested in these rules. Under his watch, Strikeforce will play the sport by the same rules everyone else does."

This coming from Zuffa head honcho Lorenzo Fertitta in questionnaires and interviews following the news that Zuffa had acquired Strikeforce and thus putting them under the same umbrella as the UFC and now using the same rules as well.

After the jump, my take on the rule change.

Obviously, first and foremost the powerhouse wrestlers and top position grapplers will instantly benefit from this. Fighters like Gilbert Melendez and King Mo will be the most notable to receive this news as a gift which gives them another weapon to add to their arsenal when they are on top of their opponents. Former title challenger Tim Kennedy also liked the news. He said this on his twitter.

"It sounds like we will be allowed to use elbows on the ground in Strikeforce from now on... (evil smile)"

How much of a difference does this rule make when you start to think what Kennedy can do in a rematch with Jacare if he is allowed to use short elbows to stifle Jacare's guard and sweeping abilities? Or how much more effective King Mo would have been on top of Mousasi when he could counter Mousasi's bottom strikes? Or what Gilbert Melendez could have done to Shinya Aoki?

There is plenty argument against elbows as well. Many argue that they cause cuts easier and then cause fights to be stopped in a very anti climatic way when a doctor or referee will stop a fight for a cut too big or a cut that leads to too much blood into the eyes.

And to counter, let's not forget elbows from the bottom and how effective they can be. Let's not forget that elbows from the bottom may have very well been the deciding factor in the split decision win for Diego Sanchez in his epic war with Clay Guida.

I think elbows are an effective way to ground and pound, a way to loosen your opponent's defense and guard to allow you space and time to pass their guard and it also is a way to rock or stun your opponent which can allow for more passing and even submissions.

But what do you Maniacs have to say? Elbows on the ground, good or bad?

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