UFC 128: Rashad Evans to file for divorce from Greg Jackson camp with Jon Jones win over Shogun Rua


Leave it to Chael Sonnen to get the Internet talking.

Despite a recent Tweet from the trouble-making middleweight, former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans hasn't parted ways with longtime coach Greg Jackson or his mixed martial arts training center in Albuquerque.


But as the possibility of a 205-pound title fight against friend and Jackson training partner Jon Jones begins to rear its ugly head, "Suga" knows it may come down to choosing between his shot at the belt or his second home in New Mexico.

"Bones" was awarded a short-notice title fight against Mauricio Rua at UFC 128 after a knee injury forced Evans to surrender his spot in the March 19 main event. A Jones win on Saturday night could then force Evans to make a very difficult choice.

Would he leave the Greg Jackson camp and migrate to the Grudge Training Center with Trevor Whitman? Here's what the Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 2 champ had to say about it on last night's episode of Pro MMA Radio:

"I'm more open to fighting (Jon Jones) since everything went down. For my last camp when I got injured I went back to Albuquerque [to train with Greg Jackson] but I know I can go somewhere else to train. It may become more of a reality where I'm not using Greg at all. I've been playing around with the idea, thinking about where I'm gonna go and what I'm gonna do if this situation comes to a head. This situation is bigger than just me and Jon, it's a team. Just like the 155'ers are gonna have to decide 'Okay, you know what, now we gotta separate, we gotta go.' I mean we got Melvin Guillard, Clay Guida, Donald Cerrone and Joe Stevenson all in the same weight class. If we gotta fight, then we gotta get away from each other. I just have to sit down and decide, 'What's it gonna be?' because there's never gonna be no going back. There's no makin' it better or going back to the team after it's done. If [Jones and I] agree to fight, if we say we're gonna fight, it's over. I would divorce myself from Jacksons."

Evans already spent two camps under Whitman prior to returning to Albuquerque for the "Shogun" fight, but it's still too early to know if his departure is imminent.

For one thing, Jones has to defeat Rua in New Jersey, which isn't exactly a foregone conclusion. In addition, UFC President Dana White has to reaffirm Evans' position as division number one contender.

Then it's decision time.

If the stars align and the opportunity presents itself, should Evans capitalize on this opportunity and leave Greg Jackson forever?

Sound off, Maniacs.

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