UFC buys Strikeforce: What you need to know, what you may have missed


If you logged off on Friday night figuring nothing big ever happens on non-fight weekends well, you might want to grab a cup of Joe and get comfortable.

That's because Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is now the proud (we think) owner of Strikeforce, the San Jose-based fight promotion run by Scott Coker and widely considered the number two outfit in mixed martial arts (MMA).

UFC President Dana White made the shocking announcement on Saturday morning (March 12) after nearly three months of closed door negotiating. At this time, no changes to either promotion are expected and Strikeforce will continue to operate as a separate entity from its new parent company.

For now.

"Business as usual," according to White, but that doesn't mean the wheels aren't still turning behind the scenes. So where do we go from here? Will the promotions eventually merge? Will talent be able to compete under both brands?

What happens to Fedor?

Answers to those questions, plus everything else we currently know about the UFC's purchase of Strikeforce, after the jump.

Dana White makes the big announcement: UFC buys Strikeforce

Scott Coker makes his first public statement following the sale

Will the two brands merge?

UFC and Strikeforce fighters react on Twitter

Dan Henderson mulls possible UFC return

Paul Daley slams purchase, threatens to bail on his Strikeforce commitments

MMA fans sound off on UFC's acquisition of Strikeforce

Will Fedor Emelianenko migrate to the UFC?

A look at how the MMA landscape has "changed forever"

Which Strikeforce fighters will be the first to cross over to the UFC?

Fedor Emelianenko's management reacts to purchase and discusses "Emperor" contract

Editorial: Merging brands is the only move that makes sense

A guide to which Strikeforce fighters are most likely to become UFC employees (Pic)

Free agent Todd Duffee discusses the big news

How much did the UFC pay for Strikeforce?

ESPN's "MMA Live" with a closer look at the UFC's newest conquest (Video)

Will Josh Barnett finally return to the UFC?

Dana White, Scott Coker and Lorenzo Fertitta media conference call highlights

That should bring you up to speed for the time being.

Expect some of the finer details to surface as time goes on and you can be sure to keep it locked in to MMAmania.com for all the latest news, updates and developments on the UFC's purchase of Strikeforce.

Now that the dust is starting to settle, what's your take on the biggest story of 2011? What fantasy match-ups are you most looking forward to?

The floor is yours Maniacs, let's hear what you've got.

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