"When a Man sits down to Pee" -The Kenny Florian saga...

After never being able to win the BIG ONE at middleweight (TUF) and 2 tries at Lightweight, Kenny Florian decides that his already scrawny self will cut down to featherweight in search of a world title.

What a bitch! reduce yourself to an even lankier, poor excuse of a man (145lbs give me a break, my fucking pitbull weighs more then that) in order to try and win your 1st world title...thats it Kenny!
And hey, start your estrogen treatments now, cause after aldo destroys your nerdy bitch ass, you can lose another 10lbs, have a sex change and challeng cyborg for her womans title! I can see it NOw..


Bruce Buffer: Kenny Florian, still in search of a world title, makes his long awaited WOMANS debut in his 1st  fight back from sex change surgery against the manlier then him, Christin Cyborg.

Mike Goldberg: He couldnt win the TUF title at middleweight, He was dominated in both his title shots against Penn and Sherk at Lightweight. He was absolutely OBLITERATED by Jose Aldo at Featherweight. Lost a close decision to Scott Jorgenson at bantamweight diviion and after successful sex change surgery, floraina will change weight class for the 5th time in search of an ever so elusive world title.  Seems like the right move because this looks to be his natural division.

Joe Rogan: Yeah Mike, Florian has been chased out of  4 different UFC weight classes. His remaining choicers were to either cut to 12lbs and fight chiuahas for the vacant 12lb dog world title, or to get a sex change and challenge cyborg for the womans title...After 6 months of contemplating the decision with Shaolin Monks (even tho one slapped him in the face and told him to stop acting like a BITCH),Florian felt he would be a little drained after making the weight cut to 12lbs, so opted to fight for the womans title..

Mike Goldberg: The Late, Great Don Frye (died from drinking his liver into a toxic wasteland) would be rolling over in his grave tonight Joe.

Joe Rogan: Yeah Mike, If Don were here , he would definitely tell Kenny to Man the Fuck up and stop being a hoe!!!

Mike Goldberg: Hey Joe, if this title escapes him again tonight, Kenny can cut his limbs off and challenge Kyle Maynard for the Vacant, world STUMP title.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

************CRICKETS CHIRpPING************

Joe Rogan: (shaking his head) Thats just wrong Mike, Thats just wrong

pre Fight quote from Kenny Florian: Like my father Agador Sparticus (BirdCage reference, if you know what Im talking about than you one COOL motherfucker) used to always tell me, If after five tries you dont succeed, cut off your Banger and Beans (thats for all the Brits out there) and turn yourself into a hoe...

Pre fight interview:
Rogan: Kenny can you share with us what your enterance song will be for when you challenge Cyborg
Kenny: Sure Joe, I will be coming out to Gloria Estafans "come on shake your body come and do the Conga"...
Rogan: Instresting song to strut your new body out too.
Kenny: Thanks Joe

lol, I actually dont know where all this kenny hate is coming from today, I always liked Kenny as a fighter, i guess I have been a closet Kenny hater all along. and i cant hold it in anymore...I just Hate Kenny florian the human being! NOt a bad guy at all, I just dont like his nerdy, whiny voice and his bitch ass. Every time he opens his mouth up I just want to punch him.

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