SUPER BOWL Talk, Bets, Pick Em Pool and Fun!

It is Friday and Super Bowl 45 is just two days away!!!!!!!  Who do you got?


I myself am picking the Packers to win.  However, why bet the point spread of -2.5?  All of the fun lies in betting the props!   For example, I think the Packers are going to win, and if they do, I am 99% sure that Aaron Rodgers will get the MVP.  So why bet the Packers -2.5 at -110 when I can bet Aaron Rodgers to win the MVP at +175? 


There are so many prop bets available to be bet on for this years Super Bowl.  Which bets are you going to be placing?   Please discuss in the comments section, as I will be placing mine there as well.


As for our Playoff Pick Em game, here are the current standings:


Rank Pick Set Name Total Pts W-L
1 Puck Head 7 7-3
2 The Money Picks 7 7-3
3 El Champ 7 7-3
4 Drew fucked BJ's mother 6 6-4
5 BNF 5 5-5
6 ViolentMike 5 5-5
7 Deuce02 5 5-5
8 Dragon 2 2-8
9 OJR 2 2-8
10 jay. 0 0-10


It looks like its a battle between Puck, ANS, and Champ. 


We had 9 entrants, but we never really discussed the Payouts.  All I said was that first place will get the bulk of the money, possibly all of it, depending on the number of entrants.  I think that $70 for first and $20 for second works.  If any of you have an issue with that, we can discuss in the comments section.  


If ANS wins, I have a feeling it will be easier to wire money to a Somali Pirate in the witness protection program hiding out in the amazon than it will be to get money to the secret identity known as ANS



And now, for some pics since its Friday......


Stay Classy Roethlisraper....




BUT, its still better than being from Cleveland.......   LOL, seriously, what is going on in the picture?



Ben has done some shady things, but







Now get your stank cock away from that innocent dog!!!!






I was trying to find a funny Aaron Rodgers pic and came across this.  It made me laugh....




Not a huge Star Wars fan, but this one is still pretty cool.





I mainly posted this next pick of Aaron and his girl because I was disturbed by the website it came from.  Terez Owens???????  REALLY?????   Who is that, Perez Hilton's slightly less gay brother?  WTWF?




In that Arianny thread a couple days ago, who was saying they like big asses?





And since I simply couldn't end on that note, we'll take another gander at Aaron's girl.  I tried to find a nice ass shot, but came up unsuccessful.  I may need to hire OJR for this job!



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