What Happens if GSP Moves to MW

    • After the Penn/Fitch draw at UFC 127 it is looking more than ever that, much

      like Alexander the Great, there is nothing left to conquer at WW for GSP if he

      can get past Jake Shields. Barring a miracle submission from Shields, GSP

      should have no trouble winning that fight (with his vastly superior stand-up)

      and the move up to MW to face Anderson Silva may be inevitable. While I

      think AS is a serious favorite in that match-up if it goes at 185 ( and not a 

      catchweight) it's looking like GSP will be challenging him in a legit title

      match. And this is how it should be if GSP if is serious about his stated

      goal finishing his career as the undisputed best fighter of all time.

      Nevertheless, there will still be a WW division once GSP leaves it. The

      question is: what the hell happens once the dominant champion is gone? Fitch

      has been the clear number #2 in the world for some time now, but Dana White

      seems to want anyone but him as the champion. Coming off a draw against

      Penn (that could have been a Fitch win, at least according to BJ) Fitch now finds

      himself in the position of treading water instead of being the clear #1 contender.

      As for BJ, he got something of a gift with the draw (in his own words), but

      showed moments of brilliance in taking Fitch's back on two occasions. He must

      have been frustrated by failing to finish Fitch with his signature RNC once

      he had him in his favorite position. Unfortunately for BJ, his gas tank failed

      him again in the third round and he took a beating for it. Not the way you want

      to finish a fight with a guy you may have to fight again. That said, BJ Penn is

      BJ Penn and he is still in the mix. He came out with a draw against one of the

      best in the world, a 19-1-1 natural WW. What now makes the most sense,

      should GSP beat Shields and move up, is a mini-tournament to crown the

      new Champ. The fighters involved should be: Jon Fitch, BJ Penn, Carlos

      Condit, and Thiago Alves. The winner of Martin Kampman and Diego Sanchez

      should be considered an alternate should one of the above fighters get

      hurt at the last minute. Fitch would be the favorite (much to Dana's chagrin)

      and Condit would be a nice dark horse. Should the tournament expand to be an

      8 man version, Jake Shields would be an appropriate addition, as well as

      the winner of alternates mentioned above and perhaps Matt Hughes for novelty

      value, and then someone from the mix of Koscheck, Stun Gun Kim or Rick


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