UFC 127 results: Brian Ebersole vs. Chris Lytle fight fallout and analysis


Brian Ebersole made one heck of a first impression in his Octagon debut at UFC 127 last night (Feb. 26) against veteran Chris Lytle.

Coming into the contest, Lytle had been on a hot streak, a winner of four in a row and right on the fringe of top contender status.  Now that Ebersole put an end to all that, there may just be some new blood in the welterweight division.

As a huge underdog, "Bad Boy" wasn't given a chance in this fight. But he most certainly didn't work his way up through the regional circuits to blow his one chance in a big fight on the main card against a tough opponent like "Lights Out."

So he went out, put on the "Fight of the Night" and took the glory no one wanted to give him.

Check it out:

Ebersole immediately started the fight with a wild cartwheel kick, setting the tone for his massive upset win. He would eventually work his wrestling game in, shooting for takedowns, which Lytle defended by utilizing a guillotine choke that he never could fully lock in.

During a few scrambles, Ebersole landed some strikes that were able to open up a cut under his opponent's left eye.

In the second round, Ebersole would momentarily stun the Indiana firefighter with a devastating knee. After Lytle was able to get back to his feet, he was met with yet another takedown. Once indside Lytle's closed guard, the underdog was able to land some devastating shoulder strikes a la Dan Henderson to close out the round.

In the final frame, Ebersole began with another cartwheel kick, but was once again unsuccessful. Lytle showed some signs of life by attempting to land big punches, but it was too little too late. His arms were just gone after so many failed guillotine attempts.

Brian Ebersole defeated Chris Lytle via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28) in his UFC debut.

After the bout, he was gracious in victory and acknowledged just how tough Lytle really is.

"He's not a guy that loses his awareness," Ebersole said. "He's a very tough guy and he was right there with me."

In his UFC debut, he was able to secure his 47th victory in MMA and showed that he is worthy of going toe-to-toe against some of the world's best.

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